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The Stuntman

Grenadier Frost Giant

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Fantastic old school mini, the fur is wonderful - and wonderful painting - really like the helm and the skin/fur

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     Thank for the nice feedback all. This one had been 1/3 finished and forgotten at the bottom of a box for literally decades. I recently got back into painting miniatures for the first since I was a teenager decades ago, so it seemed like a good time to dust this guy off, reprime, and give it another go. And thanks for noticing the helmet lol I was stupidly pleased myself. I almost overdid with another highlight layer but decided against it at the last minute - glad I did now.
    I have a few more old figures from the 80s. A handfuls are still in good shape, but most are old and badly dinged up and might be candidates for repainting....

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On 8/26/2020 at 9:38 PM, The Stuntman said:

        I have a few more old figures from the 80s. A handfuls are still in good shape, but most are old and badly dinged up and might be candidates for repainting....

yes,  please do. an old enamel paint job in good shape is worth saving but if it's scratched up then it's time for new paint. The Frost Giant looks really good and they are really quite valuable too

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    • By knarthex
      Was looking for things to talk about in the Game Room that was opened, and saw some suspicious boxes that seemed very heavy for their size. They rattled a little when I pulled them out, because they were full of Minis!
      My friends and I, (we were 17!) took the train to NYC for:
      Empiricon 1 7 /Conspiracy: (July 4-6, 1980) The convention is a combined science fiction/ gaming con. Events will include a Diplomacy tournament, FRP gaming, open gaming, a dealer's room, films, and folksinging. Info: EmpiriCon 1 1 /Conspiracy, POB 682, Church Street Station, New York, NY, 10008. (That add was in Space Gamer Magazine, Issue #26!)
      Heritage Miniatures put out a couple of boxed mini Games Circa 1980 that had sci-fi space figures in them. They were riding on the Star Wars wave as you will see.
      I bought one of the box sets there...
      Pics of
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      And their alien hirelings:

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      All of this was not in one box, I later bought blisters with the Mercs and the Bounty Hunters. 3 per blister.
      The rules were on one tri-fold piece of paper...
      You can see the 1st and 2nd empire and 1st Freedom Fighter figures had "Laser Swords" that I cut away to Replace with nicer ones made from finishing nails.
      Anyone remember these Guys, or what the game was called?
      Then there was a box with 41 odd minis, Some I know were grenadier because of this:

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      Comments and thoughts welcome!
      ID of the figures even more so!
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      A recent eBay lot had a heap of early Heritage figures, which will be going into my vintage miniatures games for next years' conventions. There's not a lot to some of these early figures, so I kept it simple.
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      After all the posting about old miniatures, I'm working on a few. I've gotten used to working on Heroic 28mm, or whatever we're calling it these days, so putting something nicer on a true 25 is going to take a little more practice... The Bones Kobold is on my desk, and I threw him in for a sense of scale.
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      So I was directed to this thread yesterday: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/45426-doc-is-old/
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      Well, oops...is this not one of the board sections that allows pictures to be posted?
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