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Darcstaar vs. Bones I, Ep. 10: Satheras

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Starting up another, now that Janan is done.

Satheras, Male Warlock.  He had a really bent staff.  On the behind shot you can see I cut it off at the hand, wedged a bit out and re glued it into a straighter angle.  I also cut him off his integral base, since it had no texture.



Hoping to try to get a little better at OSL on him, with a green gem in the staff.

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This is a wardrobe color test.  I do this sometimes when the clothing layers are tricky to figure out.  Case in point: two robes/skirts? And a cape?  And a mantle? And a cowl?  Sculptors: Please dumb down the layers, please!  I made the cowl, cape, and outer robe Dragon Black.  There is a weird boot-legging.  It’s Russet Brown along with the straps/belt/pouches and his...right shoulder armor?  The pants underneath are Templar Blue.  The under-robe, sleeve, and scrolls are Khaki Highlight.  The vest (or is it a petticoat with only one sleeve?) and it’s Demi-sleeve are Splattered Crimson.  The mantle is Stormy Grey.

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I did that figure as part of a group: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/60610-inquisitors/ 


Made his hood and cape and everything down the back one dark color, Nightshade Purple IIRC. Did the little vest in a different purple, and made all the lower robes grey-white.  It looks good enough for table play IMO.

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Changed the mantle to black.


Flesh is a 1:1 mix of HD Elf Flesh:Olive Skin Shadow.

Washed with 1:1 Agrax Earthshade:Seraphim Sepia.

Took pics under the lamp to emulate the direction of light coming from the staff gem.

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Done with skin.  Accentuated shadows mixing in Russet Brown and Dragon Black.

Highlighting with Elf Skin, Fair Skin and Dragon White.

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