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7 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Nice to finally see it painted by someone.


I like the skull, it really enhances the look of the mini.

Good job!


Thanks! When I finished the base, it became abit to "flowery" and "nice", so I had to counter it with some more evilness xD

The skull was a perfect fit. I shouldn't have glued it together before painting the insides though, but alas. Can't change the past :) 

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10 minutes ago, Kuroneko said:

He looks great! I especially like the red on the skull, gives it a kind of 'just harvested' look it you know what I mean :poke:


That's exactly what I was going for. Didn't want it dripping blood and everything, but enough where it's still ... fresh :) 


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4 hours ago, Iridil said:

Nice contrast between the wings and the more naturalist colors of his body - the skull addition really adds the proper touch as well - 


Black, white or brown wings were to dull for this one :) thanks!

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    • By Venun
      I got this Frost Giant King in the last BoGW Europe. Glitterwolf put it in there I believe ( @Glitterwolf).
      I aimed for a fastvpaintjob, then noticed more and more details during the paint.
      Tried my best at a frostbite-ish effect on the sword. In the end I loved him so much he deserved a proper base.
      I went with an icy base, without the often seen crackle effect. There was no tutorial for what I was aiming for, so I winged it.
      The rock is a piece of driftwood with wall filler.
      I'm quite happy on the outcome. What do you all think?

      Bonus content: WiP pictures
    • By Venun
      Hi all
      I had lost my motivation to paint in the past few months. With no paint nights with friends, my mini's not seeing the D&D table as we're playing online atm, it wasn't motivating.
      This weekend I picked it up again. Finished 2 mini's, of which I'll post 1 today :) 
       this zombie Beholder was my first attempt at painting a blind eye. Loving the outcome!
      Added the toxic drool when I thought he was done, which turned out to be a lie. The drool finished him up proper :)

    • By Venun
      I got this awesome looking Hydra  from the EU Box of Goodwill. @GlitterwolfGlitterwolf got it years back from another bogw.
      I traced it to be part of a kickstarter, where originally it was a fountain! 
      Not having the water parts, and also wanting to paint out alive, it resulted in this!
      I tried to create a shadow of his body still under water, although I didn't think of it till after the water texture was added. Still happy on the outcome :) 

    • By Pineapple
      Pulled this guy out of the current round of the Box of Goodwill and painted him up over the course of two evenings. 



      I apologize for the low quality photos, but I've had such low drive to get pictures taken lately that I just wanted to break the ice and get the ball rolling.
    • By Venun
      I finally got inspiration to do the Bones4 Flail Snail (trasher snail sku 44116).
      1st pic is my inspiration on the body.
      The shell I had no solid plan for, I just went with it. Turned to a wetblend of many different bright colors.
      I love it, so excited about it!
      Inspiration pic:


      I'd love to hear your thoughts on it :) 

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