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Where are the Ideas, Folks?(September Hobby Goals)

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1 hour ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Gameplan for September... 



- try to take over the world! (wait, wrong script) 





September Goals:

  • Rauthuros.  Oh, he's gonna be a challenge.  I don't think I've ever successfully painted something his size before.  I'm just not sure how this will work out.
  • Start Tyrants of Lothal.  Sixteen minis left in Star Wars: Imperial Assault.  I honestly never thought I'd see the day.
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Isn’t step 3 always supposed to be “Profit” ?


MY plan this month is to start picking through the old Reaper Minis from my case of unpainted NPCs, apply paint, give them not-so-serious backstories, and post the resultant rogue’s gallery in the Show Off forum.  We’ll see how far I get!

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Goals for this month are to finish the minis on and around my desk. Not too eclectic, there are a lot of elven light infantry from North Star then a mix of fantasy, pirate, and Sci fi. 


If I am inclined I will get another 'point' of Saga Vikings done, by painting 8 on warriors and a warlord. 

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So, I start the month with the same stuff on my desk as last month:


A half dozen homecast 40mm 1793 British light dragoons to work on (again...)

About 8 urban fantasy figures primed and/or with a few basic colors

A unit of 8 1/72 plastic mercenaries for the Portable Fantasy Campaign

Another handful of assorted 1/72s (elves and assorted non-combatant NPCs)

A bunch of Prince August 25mm home cast fantasy test figures

Some walls and a bridge


Of that, I did three urban fantasy figures last month, plus some assorted 1/72s that will count for September after basing.  Low expectations goal for this month: Do more than I did in August. :rolleyes:


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The old familiar refrain, russians and skeletons. I'm almost done my russian horse archers, about 14 spear cavalry, 10 peasant archers and not sure how many heavy infantry to go. If I can actually sit down and paint it should be doable in September but I've been saying that for 2-3 months now and only finished a small handful of cavalry.

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On 8/31/2020 at 12:39 PM, Generic Fighter said:

Still Looking for ideas.




I don't have any clever ideas this month either.  September is going to be:


1. finishing basement remodel, for real this time

2. getting through Reapercon, or whatever it is this year

3. finishing the terrain I started last month


Anything else is a bonus. 


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In keeping with my long term goals for the year in September I plan to:

  • Paint some more terrain for Rangers of Shadow Deep
  • Paint the last four figures in my Anno Domini 1666 core game
  • Paint two more sci-fi miniatures
  • Paint this month's Mithril miniature


   And I have as a personal gaming goal, to run Rangers of Shadow Deep on Reapercon Online. Check!


My hobby goals for 2020 include:

  • Painting more miniatures for Rangers of Shadow Deep and Frostgrave games (22 so far)
  • Entering at least two miniature painting contests (and the monthly Frostgrave contest)
  • Painting some sci-fi minis for the game Slipstream (20 so far)
  • Painting all the figures in my annual box (5 remain)
  • Painting a Mithril miniature each month [On track with 9]
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Count all my unfinished MInis. 

156 non-bones 

293 Bones 


If I had know how few non-bones minis I actually have I would have gone deeper into a recent Desert Kickstarter.  100 or so elves & mummies seems like a better deal in hindsight. 

my KS 5  order (+205)  is not going to help the ratio.  


painting goals: 

my only metal dragon.

5 bones - likely villagers 

go to a little bit of Reapercon Online. 

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