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Where are the Ideas, Folks?(September Hobby Goals)

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First goal of the month is to finish these two...


Which hopefully will be sometime in the next few days. This is the closest to empty my immediate painting desk has been in I don't know how long...


...but then there's the horde assembled on the side table. 

Reaper Plague horseman

2 vampires

6 skeletons

4 nuns

6 biker werewolves

6 storming party pilgrims

1 zombie dragon

and of course the eternal project that is the mausoleum. 

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Been a while since I have made any goals, but since I am trying to get things done by mid-October before the weather possibly changes to prevent priming/sealing, I might as well post what I'm up to:

  • Primary goal: get the 10 Mantic Orc Gore Riders cleaned, assembled, primed. They are going to need a lot of gap filling, so this alone might take the rest of the month.
  • Secondary goal: finish the homemade set of dungeon tiles I started for my brother.
  • Tertiary goal: finish painting a few figures that are sitting around in jars.
  • Quaternary goal: get those Critical Role figures cleaned up and primed.
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On 8/31/2020 at 11:25 PM, GBPrime said:

MY plan this month is to start picking through the old Reaper Minis from my case of unpainted NPCs, apply paint, give them not-so-serious backstories, and post the resultant rogue’s gallery in the Show Off forum.  We’ll see how far I get!

Three minis down, seven to go.  Pics coming when I finish the 5th one...

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Mid-month update time:  I'm about 3/4 of the way done with Rauthuros.  I've one wing membrane to put the base coat on, then they'll need mid-tone and highlights.  Most everything else just needs highlights (although some highlights are done).


This is the way that Rauthuros has been for several days.


No movement on Tyrants of Lothal.  :down:

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On 9/1/2020 at 4:21 PM, Evilhalfling said:

Count all my unfinished MInis. 

156 non-bones 

293 Bones 


If I had know how few non-bones minis I actually have I would have gone deeper into a recent Desert Kickstarter.  100 or so elves & mummies seems like a better deal in hindsight. 

my KS 5  order (+205)  is not going to help the ratio.  


painting goals: 

my only metal dragon.

5 bones - likely villagers 

go to a little bit of Reapercon Online. 


well I painted 5 figures, but my fishing Diorama consumed the whole month.  So no dragon. 

1.  Purple Grouper 

2. yellow fish 

3. Bandit 

4. War-foraged 

5. Fishing Sorceress (metal) 


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On 8/31/2020 at 7:21 PM, WhiteWulfe said:

Gameplan for September... 


- survive the great tidying! 

- try to take over the world! (wait, wrong script) 

- finish my Yu Jing Guilang, Daofei, and that first Zhanshi

- clean up assembly desk. Probably finish building the stuff on it too, that could help :ph34r:

Uhm, well... I did survive all that tidying.. Place looks nicer now.. Kind of. At least it isn't quite as cluttered.... 


Didn't get much I nthe way of painting done - truth be told, I'm not certain I even picked up a brush in September O_o 

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Well not a great month on the hobby front but I did get a little painting in this week. Finished 3 cavalry archers that I was working on for ages. That was the last of 12 russian cavalry archers. Have the last unit of 14 cavalry with spears prepped, glued a few infantry from the Fireforge russians together and primed them. So 14 cavalry 20 heavy infantry and 6 peasant archers left. Be nice to finish another army because I still have a bunch of unpainted ones.

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