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Where are the Ideas, Folks?(September Hobby Goals)

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On 9/17/2020 at 10:01 AM, Brianuk said:

At the half way point I have painted 12 minis, none of which were on my list! Still had fun. Most of them were firmly within tabletop standard. 

I've also made and primed about 50 minis. 

In the end, I didn't get many more fully painted minis than this but still spent a nice period of time and felt productive. 


I finished some minis from Bones IV that I was prompted to do by seing they will be released in next few months. 

I also did a lot of work on the recent Pig Faced Orcs kickstarter from RBJ Games. Really really nice Bobby Jackson minis, and i want to take my time with them and add some highlights etc. 

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Well, out of the previous list, all I managed to finish were the storming party.


Currently in the middle of enleafening the bases of the finished undead and pilgrims, which is taking awhile longer than I expected since the leafs aren't taking the scenic cement seriously.

So this month's list is the same as September's was. But at least I got six done, which is more than in some previous months.

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On 9/10/2020 at 3:26 PM, ManvsMini said:

Been a while since I have made any goals, but since I am trying to get things done by mid-October before the weather possibly changes to prevent priming/sealing, I might as well post what I'm up to:

  • Primary goal: get the 10 Mantic Orc Gore Riders cleaned, assembled, primed. They are going to need a lot of gap filling, so this alone might take the rest of the month.
  • Secondary goal: finish the homemade set of dungeon tiles I started for my brother.
  • Tertiary goal: finish painting a few figures that are sitting around in jars.
  • Quaternary goal: get those Critical Role figures cleaned up and primed.


Nothing achieved this past month. The gore riders' mounts needed more gap filling than originally anticipated, spent all my time doing that.

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On 9/1/2020 at 5:09 AM, Rob Dean said:

So, I start the month with the same stuff on my desk as last month:


A half dozen homecast 40mm 1793 British light dragoons to work on (again...)

About 8 urban fantasy figures primed and/or with a few basic colors

A unit of 8 1/72 plastic mercenaries for the Portable Fantasy Campaign

Another handful of assorted 1/72s (elves and assorted non-combatant NPCs)

A bunch of Prince August 25mm home cast fantasy test figures

Some walls and a bridge


Of that, I did three urban fantasy figures last month, plus some assorted 1/72s that will count for September after basing.  Low expectations goal for this month: Do more than I did in August. :rolleyes:



And I look over my painting record to remind myself (it’s been that sort of month...) and find that I finished 11 1/72 fantasy figures (6 of them sheep; not especially difficult), the bridge mentioned, and three buildings not planned (one of which was a small well structure).  So, more than August, and extra terrain is always welcome, so we’ll call it a marginal success.  It does mean that I started October with the same stuff still on the table, although a dozen orcs and such from Prince August bunch have been primed and glued to painting sticks.  My self-imposed goal of getting a game on the table with all pandemic-era material remains to be accomplished...

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