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10 hours ago, malefactus said:


If you move around the Austin area we could visit fairly often...a definite reason to live in Dallas.

I would really like that.

Unfortunately, my job is in Fort Worth, and that would be an awfully long commute every day. 

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On 9/2/2020 at 8:25 AM, TGP said:

Query for Sept. 2nd:

Do you have a dedicated paint/hobby space? If so, what does it look like? Feel free to either describe in words; or show it off with pix.


I'm lucky enough to have a small dedicated hobby space. I was going to tidy it up for the photo, but that felt like cheating...




It usually has a resident mischief maker :rolleyes: Here he is making sure the lamps are working okay.




He usually sleeps under the chair, hence the assorted stolen fabric/socks under it. His brother is not allowed on the table because he's a clumsy wee brat and this invariably happens




Here's a better shot of my frankensteins monster of a paint rack. There is a pattern in laying them out, honest!





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I have a Painting Desk in the corner of the dining room. 

decent light, and allows me to break off painting and parent when necessary, since its in the center of the townhouse.

during the pandemic it has been more challenging to find painting time, as other people use the dining and open kitchen. 

It still get used at least twice a week.  


Pictures of Desk, im glad to see that I am not the only one who struggles with tidiness. 

Picture of its  relationship to dining area.  The Area above the fireplace is minatures and basing supplies storage, 

but most of the painted minis have moved to the basement. 

As my collection outgrew this space.  The Dragons and other figures that Mini-spawn plays with, live on the Mantle instead. 




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On 9/2/2020 at 3:25 AM, TGP said:

Query for Sept. 2nd:

Do you have a dedicated paint/hobby space? If so, what does it look like? Feel free to either describe in words; or show it off with pix.



19 minutes ago, TGP said:

RCon series…

Query for Sept. 3rd: 

Are you planning to participate in the Eat and Greet activity tonight that is part of ReaperCon?

Didn't even know about it, so... Probably not? Gotta study. But we'll see how my brain is doing.

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8 hours ago, Dragoneye said:

but I'm getting an office/studio! 1st floor and I get to design it. Like to how big it is and where are the windows, electricals and lighting. 

  It is really exciting, but also quite daunting. So many choices that I've never had before! I think I'll be reading through everyone's answers and taking notes... 


There is a nice WiP thread by @ub3r_n3rd https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72432-hobbygame-room-an-ub3r-wip/  I hope the pix can be found somehow. Some are missing.


There is also this much older Work Areas thread.



Some ideas to consider concerning the electrics: 

  • Electrical plugs are always too few in hobby spaces. Make the architect double-up the number even if there has to be a second circuit.
  • Electrical plugs down near the floor are hard to reach. (Except for tiny toddlers …? :upside: )
  • Electrical plugs just above table height are awesome. So easy to reach to plug and unplug laptops, printers, chargers, desk lamps….




3 minutes ago, ttuckerman said:

Yes I will.  Looking at a class on airbrush first.  Isn't it meat & greet?

Maybe, but I thought they tweaked the name a bit? because not everybody is having the same food??

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7 hours ago, TGP said:







I am sensing a theme here… <_< :unsure:




I have more than one. But, Yes.


Here is one of them:


Overrun by the forces of Chaos

So, yeah...  maybe I won't be getting advice on my new studio from y'all! Lol, you are as bad at it as I am.

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