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Tiny Furniture's "Troll Chief Throne"


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Tiny Furniture's "Troll Chief Throne" is a single-piece miniature, which stands 3 1/2" tall on a 2" x 2" base. Pretty large for a miniature -- and it's certainly not just tiny furniture! The throne is composed of various dragon, animal, humanoid, and human skulls and bones, held together with wood, leather, and rope, on a stone base. There's even a large stone axe and a rune stone. Even though the name of the figure is "Troll Chief Throne", the throne is fine for large evil humanoids, such as ogres, and physically powerful orcs, bugbears, etc. The throne has not only the incredible detail you expect from Tiny Furniture, but your players will want to pick it up and look at it closely, to try to identify the different skulls and other features on this impressive structure! As something of a spoiler, look for: a mammoth skull and tusks, a second set of mammoth tusks, a third set of mammoth tusks, two gigantic humanoid (orc?) skulls, the skull of a giant cat, an even bigger skull of an even gianter cat, and a dragon skull! Those trolls have certainly been busy! The model is available both unpainted and painted. Despite all this detail and features, this terrain piece can be easily painted quickly by a beginner. Intermediate painters with a little experience with blood effects will want to give the huge stone axe a nice coat of blood, and perhaps a blood stain on the steps of the throne. Just to make things interesting. I'm sure if you have extra skulls for basing, you could find some room for them on the steps as well. Painters will also be happy to know that the miniature has minimal prep, with pretty much no mold lines or gaps. 


Painting Guide: I choose an analog paint scheme of ochre bone colors, brown leather and wood, and dark grey stone. You can interpret the leather parts as cloth, if you wish to paint something more colorful, like the painted version. Prime the miniature in brown, then paint the stone base grey. If using colored primers, you can brush-prime the throne brown and the stone base grey. Myself, I didn't basecoat the miniature with brown or grey, but you may want to. Paint the bones and rope ochre. Wash the ochre bones and brown wood and leather with a brown wash, such as Army Painter Soft or Strong Tone. Wash the stone with Secret Weapon Miniature Stone wash, or a dark wash such as Army Painter Dark Tone followed by drybrushing of light grey. Highlight the bone with ochre and possibly white. Paint the leather and wood parts various different browns. You may want to pick out which details to highlight, so it's easier to see an individual skull. 


Blood: If you are an intermediate painter, by all means put some blood on this miniature! I experimented with Army Painter's Crusted Sore, Secret Weapon Miniature's Drying Blood wash, and Tamiya Clear Red. I pretty much put the paint and wash on the edge of the stone axe blade, then some coagulated Tamiya Clear Red on part of the blade. I did the same with the paint and wash for a few spots on the stone base. Do a search on "miniature painting blood tamiya clear red" for various blood painting tutorials.


Conclusion: Tiny Furniture's "Troll Chief Throne" is one impressive detailed miniature, well-suited for "big boss" humanoid encounters for gaming. Yet, at the same time, it's a painting project even beginners should be able to paint. A big throne by Tiny Furniture!














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