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Saprolings (77495) as 1/72 Tree Creatures

Rob Dean

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3 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

You painted eyes on a 1/72 mini? Wow!

While I still can...::P: But, yes, that is part of the “paint a little more than you can see on the table” strategy.  I figure if we ever downsize to a tiny house or go nomad with an RV, the 1/72 project is the one that’ll be portable enough to go along, so if I’m limited to painting them for fun...

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I've run out of time again, but the shorter version is that this stand is in service of my Portable Fantasy Campaign, being fought over this map:




The elf kingdom (lower right corner) is still short several stands of being able to field an army (I currently have ~6 of ~12 minimum and ~20 wanted), so they've been neutral in the conflicts of the first year.

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