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Since you asked for constructive criticism,


I like the tanks and the stowage, but to be honest, that barbed wire is way too thick and big.

Look at the tank and the proportions.

It doesn't read as barbed wire, more like big steel cables to me.

I think you should use very thin wire for that to keep it in proportions, maybe strip an electrical wire?



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I’d drop the barbed wire completely. It just wasn’t done and it’s probably more dangerous to the crew than the enemy. They don’t want to get hung up on barbed wire trying to bail out of their vehicle.

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@Glitterwolf I see what you mean one it’s thickness, stripped Phone line would probably work better. I also have an old guitar string that is very thin now that will work well too.

@Heisler It never really occurred to me about the crew bailing out. That is something I will have to keep in mind for the future. I’m going to do some more research into it and see what I can dig up on the subject.

These are a couple images I’ve found so far.
This one I’m not quite as sure on but it does look like it’s wrapped in barb wire. 

In any case it is certainly done differently than how I’ve done it so far. I’ll probably play around with how I do it in the future. After I find some more pictures. Thankyou both for the critiques!

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It was not a common practice, maybe in instances where they would expect to have to deal with large waves of infantry, preventing them from climbing on the panzer?

But like Heisler said, it would also be an obstacle for the crew if they had to abandon the vehicle.

I would not deem it a wise tactic.


Glad you took the critique as it was meant, to help.

Good luck with the project, looking forward to see more.


Hmm, you might want to search for Albert Verlinden Dioramas on the web.

He's a Belgian Diorama builder who went to produce his own kits etc, his WWII stuff is awesome and you might be able to use those for reference.

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@Glitterwolf Now that you mention it, I can see them doing barb wire in heavy urban fighting where it would be easier for infantry to get up close but less so in open fields . Also An observation I made on the pictures is that the wire close against the hull where it would keep someone from climbing up but  less likely to tangle you up won’t if you were to jump off of the vehicle. Also it was only on the sides in the one picture but not the front. So some more things for me to keep in mind in the future. 

@lowlylowlycook that is a good idea, much better than the smooth wire, I’ll have to hunt some down.

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I did a search and those are the only two images I have found, interesting that they are both Tiger Is and appear to be eastern front. It looks to be a pretty rare thing. I’ll have to go through my books. I don’t recall seeing any pics of allied tanks decked out like this.

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44 minutes ago, Heisler said:

I did a search and those are the only two images I have found, interesting that they are both Tiger Is and appear to be eastern front. It looks to be a pretty rare thing. I’ll have to go through my books. I don’t recall seeing any pics of allied tanks decked out like this.

Same here. Only two pictures I found like that. My guess is the pictures were taken during the heavy urban fighting like in Stalingrad. 
I have to acknowledge that these tanks aren’t necessarily entirely historically accurate, the t95 never saw combat same with the Maus, and the E-100 had only the hull completed. And the M29 which is the t29 in real life never saw battle. Since the setting I’m putting them in is alternate history i have a bit more flexibility than a pure historical setting.

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So the T95 is finished.




here is the Stug and a rolled tarp I made for a Panther for more stowage A0519707-A122-4CFC-B792-6795DD2ACC1A.thumb.jpeg.d9af0aca0d07a1afda36105bbcb7024f.jpegC187C5C7-C209-4E04-8394-B40953858305.thumb.jpeg.78a3f5656fecc972bc575e922eac8fe2.jpeg

so I have tried out some different wire for both the barb wire and the antenna.  The new wire is a lot thinner than the black wire I have been using. And the wire I’m using for the antenna is much stiffer which is a plus. Here is the results so far. 


and a comparison shot between the different types of wire. 4C33AA64-A5CF-4BCE-9CB3-BE2437791F52.thumb.jpeg.422d564206f06eb30b6eb93589b60aa7.jpeg
I am not planning to put barb wire on every tank, I am just trying to see how to make it look better on the ones I do put it on. tell me what you think of this new type of wire I’m using now. Any improvement? 

thanks for for looking!

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Thanks. Always good to get more than one opinion. It can also be used for terrain for that matter is I ever need it. Now just to find some gauze for camouflage netting, and some more ideas for stowage.

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Depending on how much you will be handling it you could make your own real scale barb wire. 

Drakkar models has a good tutorial with lots of photos so you can google or duck duck foo it.  Not a good suggestion for something that you will be handling loads but it does look nice. 

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