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Historical..Um...Ish Tanks


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GreenStuffWorld has 'Simulated Barb Wire' in different scales. And I think other stores have similar products, including strings of etched brass.   


On the Stug, please get a seam scraper and some putty. Please.  

It's a great model, but the seam running the length of the barrel just destroys it. 


Gun barrels. Not all kits have 'open' barrels. 

You can often improve significantly on the finished model by using a pin vise and a suitable drill bit. 

1mm would be close enough for a typical 75mm or so gun in 1:72 scale, and a 1.2mm for the 88mm guns. 

It doesn't have to be drilled deep, either. A millimeter or two at most. (Use matte black paint in the hole)

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