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On 9/9/2020 at 7:34 PM, TaleSpinner said:





The spiky tentacles weren't printing right, so I adjusted them and made them a bit closer to canon.


Murder Flumph! I love it :wub:

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Super cute/fun!  And the Forces of Lawful Good will be pleased to see another one of their kind rendered in miniature.  ;^)


Could you fudge the tentacles together so the whole thing could be cast in one piece? 

If it's in metal, you can sculpt it mostly flat/castable, but then count on the buyer to bend the ends of the tentacles out-of-plane.

Knowing there were some Flumphophiles among the Forumites, I've given passing thought to how to sculpt one or more in Greenstuff, but not actually done any work on the idea.

I would run some wires between the base and the body-disc, and combine most of the dangling tentacles as a mass with some strategically composed gaps, only hinting at the individual strands rather than plotting them all out;  then add a few distinct tentacles that flare out to the sides, in the same mold-plane as the eyes so it could be cast as one simple piece. Do 2 or 3 variations for sale as a blisterpack.

... Really it's just stealing Julie's design for the sinuous seaweed under the anglerfish in the Familiar Pack VII (aquatic familiars):  https://www.reapermini.com/search/fish guthrie/latest/02948



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