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Ral Partha Barbarian Giant DF-162

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This is an Iron Wind re-cast of July Guthries 02-934 from " All Things Dark and Dangerous" around 1984. This one is stamped 1988 but it's new. It's called Barbarian Giant, not sure what that is, a wandering giant with no tribe?  To me he looks like guy Martin if Guy Martin was a murderous Giant ;)

         I really like the sculpt and was well worth the 9 bucks. Challenging to paint since i felt obligated to push my free-hand and the detail on this is very fine and there's lots of it.  I'm currently on a Giant kick and have 4 more waiting after this one . I like the sizes, they are twice as large as a new mini but not ridiculously huge as is common today










"You want your Dad's shield back? then come and get it"



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      So I mentioned that my parents gave me some of the minis I bought in my youth in a post entitled "Unexpected Old Swag" I decided to start painting the demon mini that was clearly supposed to be Demogorgon.  It's a Grenadier mini from 1984.
      I went with a very dark color scheme - I remember the old picture from the Monster Manual and I like him black.  To give him a more organic look I used blue highlights instead of grey, I rather like how it came out.  The face, despite the fact that it was much more reptilian than others, I went with a color scheme like a baboon.  I will freely admit I stole the slitted eyes from another paint job I saw.  I also split the base and made a fissure beneath his feet, I wanted to do a lava base.
      I'm pretty much done aside for a few touch ups and the base.  I could use some advice on the base, but if anyone has anything to add about the rest of the mini I'm definitely listening.  I think I may do more of these WIPs, I made a nice rig so I can use different backdrops.  Sorry to come to this one so late, but I just set this up.

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