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[Kobold Press] Scarlet Citadel Kickstarter is LIVE

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Coming soon!

The Scarlet Citadel Kickstarter from Kobold Press


This is the old school, mega dungeon you've been waiting for!


And, it will be of particular interest to folks here, because one of the things the Scarlet Citadel Kickstarter will offer are a set of beautiful, poster-sized, table-ready battle maps to play on (and use all our awesome minis on! :)

Be sure to click the link below to be alerted the moment this goes live!




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And we are LIVE!!!



From the kobolds who brought you Empire of the Ghouls comes a brand-new dungeon-delving adventure, Scarlet Citadel for 5th Edition, launching on Kickstarter today!


Written by tabletop RPG luminary Steve Winter, Scarlet Citadel includes a sprawling adventure for 5th Edition in the classic style for 10 levels of play, fully compatible with the fifth edition of the world's oldest roleplaying game.


Original traps and new monsters lurk in the citadel's depths, as do magical mysteries and nefarious plots. Malevolent creatures spin shadowy webs, enchant foul magics, and summon forth dark gods. In Scarlet Citadel for 5th Edition, players will face harrowing foes, meet curious allies, and unearth the ancient treasures and secrets that lie scattered everywhere!


Along with this massive adventure, this Kickstarter project includes the Scarlet Citadel Map Folio. These ten beautiful, full-color, fold-out battle maps by cartographer Jon Pintar depict all levels of the dungeon and are perfect for tabletop RPG miniatures. Plus, the folio includes several smaller overlay maps that allow Game Masters to easily depict traps, hazards, and other unique features in the dungeon!




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We're at about 128 pages or 144 pages right now (depending on edits and layout), with plans to add at least one more chapter and possibly 4 more chapters via stretch goals!

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So if I wanted the PDF and the map pack I’d be looking at a $59 pledge, plus whatever shipping later for the maps?

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I mentioned that one aspect of the Scarlet Citadel would be especially interesting to my fellow Reaper fans ...


The Scarlet Citadel Map Folio contains (at least!) 10 exquisite, full-color battle maps measuring 24 inches by 36 inches when unfolded, each overlaid with a grid of 1-inch squares perfect for miniatures!


In addition to the battle maps, we’re producing several 8-inch-by-10-inch overlay maps that can be placed atop the battle maps to depict unique traps, hazards, or other features of the dungeon. Take a look at the graphic below to see how they’ll work.


Check out the link below to learn more:




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Learn about our awesome cover art in the newest Update:


Artist’s Corner: The Cover Piece!



Speaking of Updates, we are over 1,300 backers and rapidly approaching $100,000, which is a BIG milestone, because $100,000 unlocks 3 stretch goals!


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Scarlet Citadel Shirts Available!

Can’t wait to plumb the depths of the Scarlet Citadel dungeon? Love the look of this project’s art? Fly your adventuring flag high with two brand-new Scarlet Citadel t-shirt designs, available now at the Kobold Press merch store!


Check out the latest Update to learn more!




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More than 1,600 backers and over $104,000 with 15 days still to go!!


Scarlet Citadel Wednesdays on Kobold Press’s Twitch channel!



Tune in every Wednesday at 4 p.m. PDT - the kobolds will chat, answer your questions, and tell generally wild stories live and on the air about the Scarlet Citadel Kickstarter project. If you miss them on Twitch, they will show up soon on the Kobold Press YouTube channel


Scarlet Citadel Wednesdays - Kobold in Chief!


Scarlet Citadel Wednesdays - All About the Art and Maps!


Scarlet Citadel Wednesdays -  Steve Winter on the creation of the dungeon!


On Oct. 7, we’ll talk all about this project’s Frequently Asked Questions, and on Oct. 14, we’ll host a Q&A, where you can ask us anything you like!

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More than $110,000, and over 1700 backers so far, and still 10 days to go!


Check out a few of the most recent Updates:

Stretch Goal Preview: The Clacking Caverns side level


Player handouts unlocked!



Back the Scarlet Citadel Today!!!




Scarlet Citadel Image.gif

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