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77342 Zombies! (5)


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47 minutes ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

They all look great, but I'm very interested in how you made the tombstones out of popsicle sticks...

@Disciple of Sakura for the round stones i just snipped off the ends of two narrow popsicle sticks.  I think i ended up using the wire cutter edge on a pair of pliers as it was easier than using an X-acto.  I'm a little fuzzier on the cross, but I think it was made of what was left of the popsicle stick.  It's easier to cut with the grain so i split it using an xacto and a bit of bending.  It didn't split evenly, so the narrower piece became the cross beam.  I tried to carve into one of the stones before realizing it would be easier to accomplish and easier to read if i just painted on the details.  Everything is glued together with super glue.  Let me know if you have any other questions!


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