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**********WARNING NUDITY!**********

Dug out an old garage sale purchase, a Waring Pro Belgium Waffle Maker (model #wwm450pc)


It is like one of the kinds the hotels use. It is so user friendly that even I can make good waffles.


Check out the color on that naked waffle!


It was properly clothed with strawberries and cream later...



Here is the recipe:                                         5 waffles                          10 waffles
                                    ~~~~~~                          ~~~~~~~
Water, lukewarm       3/4 Cup                            1 1/2 Cups
Yeast, dried                1 1/8 Tsp                         2 1/4 Tsp
Sugar                          1 Tsp                                1 Tsp

Mix water, yeast, and sugar.
Set aside, and let mixture get foamy. This takes 7 to 15 minutes,
depending on the freshness of the yeast.

Flour                           1 1/2 Cups                      3 Cups
Sugar                          4 Tbsp 2 Tsp                  3/4 Cup
Salt                              1/4 Tsp                           1/2 Tsp

Sift flour, sugar, and salt.

Butter, unsalted         4 Tbs 1 Tsp                    8 Tbsp 2 Tsp

Melt butter, set aside to cool.

Milk                             3/4 Cup                          1 1/2 Cups

Warm milk to lukewarm, stir in melted butter. Let cool slightly.

Eggs, jumbo               2 yolks                           3 yolks
Eggs, jumbo               1 1/2 Tbsp whites       3 Tbsp whites
Vanilla extract            1 Tsp                             2 Tsp

Combine lukewarm milk mixture with the above liquids.

Eggs, jumbo               < 2 whites                     <3 Tbsp whites
Cream of Tartar         1 generous pinch        2 generous pinches

Whip remaining whites with cream of tartar until soft peaks appear.

Add foamy yeast mixture to milk mixture.
Mix milk mixture into flour mixture.
Mix until batter is smooth.
Fold whipped egg whites into batter.
Set batter aside and let rise for an hour, giving it a light stir every 15 minutes.
The batter will be viscose, but not too thick.
Cook per the waffle iron's instructions.

Serve with fresh fruit, whipped or clotted cream, and or syrup.

For my waffle iron, set to 5 then go for broke.

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3 hours ago, Corsair said:

And fried chicken...


That's an American thing, we first encountered that in a restaurant, oldest vixen likes it, I haven't tried it yet.

Still need to get over the dessert becomes dinner thing..::P:


On the other hand, I love bacon pancakes, so I guess I should try those one day.

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10 hours ago, Corsair said:
17 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

There is a thread "Good Eats" make sure to post recipes there as well.


Waffles are also great with warm cherries, whip cream and icecream.

And fried chicken...


I tried that once.  I don't understand the mass appeal.  I like all the individual components, but the combination doesn't provide any extra "zip" for me.



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