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So this is my current painting situation




I say "situatuon" because it is not an ideal set up.  I used to have a table in the corner between my desk and wall that my airbrush booth sat on but that was converted to a work desk once we had to start working from home.  Now my airbrush booth sits on the floor till needed.


I love my desk!  It has so many little storage drawers, its got a great look, and its where I've always painted.  However, it is terribly cramped.  The drawers eat up a lot of potential desk space, there is no leg room and the high sides can make you feel quite cramped. 


So I have decided update my painting desk





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Desk is built!  


Will definitely be looking for some desk top storage for tools. Anyone know of stores that sell plastic store drawers for tools?


Will upgrade lighting at some point.  


The University where I work has a surplus store where they sell used stuff and I am going buy one of those 2 drawer metal file cabinets to put on the side of my airbrush.  I will put all my airbrush stuff in the drawers and will put the compressor on it since it should be able to take the heat and vibrating.  




Now time to organize!  Think tonight will be spend organizing paint and getting it all scanned into paintRack. I will organize the rest tomorrow when I have some storage


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Some goodies arrived!  New mat, paint racks and airbrush holder. 


I'm really excited that I will be able to have my airbrushed set up ready to go at all times. Having to get it all out to paint is a little unmotivating.  Cleaning is bad enough. 


The paint racks are cool too.  They go on the wall and there are 6 15" racks.  They are fairly roomy, they hold Citadel paints just fine.  My Stynylrez bottles are just a little too big for them. 






32 minutes ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

What are the bottles with the funky tops in the bottom right corner?  I see a make of paint I don't have......yet!!



@Clearman is correct they are from AK Interactive. They were from the Asset Drop box for last month.  I dont know what kind of paint selection they have but I have a sepia ink, bronze mettalic, and crackle medium.  They also make a great Matte Varnish

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New drawer storage!




Only there is a couple problems.


Problem 1, he first one I bought (first pic) fit under the desk great but it was too wide  and took up a lot of the leg room I was looking forward too (not that I am in any way blessed with the gift of height).  So the plan was to give it to my daughters for their toys and I would just buy a different set of drawers...


Problem 2...




The new drawers aren't even close to fitting under the desk.  I dont know who measured all this (me) was thinking when he bought this (I wasn't).  So new new plan is to forget the under desk storage and to use the new drawers on the side on my airbrush and the compressor will sit on it.  The desk I got had this hard laminated type cardboard stuff for packaging and I cut it to place between the compressor and drawers to help take the heat and weight of the compressor. 



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Paints have been scanned, organized, and racked!

I'm trying a different sorting system this time.  I have kept each paint brand separate.  I organized all my MSP paints (top 7 rows or so) according to their sku number. This will help me keep the triads that I do have together and will also help me figure out where the bottle goes once I'm done with it.  Before I just tried to keep same colors together but it would always turn to a mess and plus when I had, for example, all the greens together they would all start to look similar but breaking them up like this it helps them stand out 

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Done!  Took longer than expected but its done and all in all didn't really take that long.


Reminder of where I started



And this is what I am working with now




I am really happy with how it turned out.   Lots of room for activities!  I also have everything I use normally within reach.   And I  have quite a bit of room to grow into as well. 


Now time to get painting!

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So I thought I was done with the desk but it was missing something. I needed some inspiration while I paint so I wanted a piece of art to hang up above my desk.  So after a long search I found the perfect piece...







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