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The scenic library, 3d printable

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"Crosslances is an artistic reality consolidated for many years, we have dedicated ourselves very often to model making and playing miniatures in 28/32mm scale.

This time, however, we want to launch a completely different project, an absolute novelty, our original idea.

In fact, we want to make available to you these fantastic sculptures of ours, which can be printed directly at home, painted and placed inside your bookshelves to obtain stunning effects!"


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I guess I could put them in my bookshelf at the office, but... 

It's already pretty full with souvenirs(bits of old computers, knicknacks I've picked up during department meetings, including those wooden nesting dolls), a meagre collection of teas(probably not even a dozen), my cups, a jar or two of jam... a Strandbeest model, sardines, a nerf gun, and even a mini or two...

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2 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:

Just wish they were drawers instead of front and back with connecting rods between them. 


I mean, they could be quite fitting storage for my Lakrisal(salmiak-flavoured candy) stash. 

And one for BlackBlack chewing gum.



One of them does have a pull out drawer.  Maybe if you were a backer you could ask for this option on more of the pieces?


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5 hours ago, Svetgar said:


Yep, we have books stacked sideways on top of other books because we ran out of room.


We have done the unthinkable. Yes, purged books from our collection and sold or given them away.  There still isn't room enough. 



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Despite it being terribly impractical, I backed for one model because it looks like a more forgiving way to try out 3D printing than actual minis.  Plus I can learn how to wire lights with my 11 year old, she's really into learning circuitry. 


Now I just need to ask one of my 3D printing friends for help and advice.

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