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Ranks and Reputation - What are they?

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Newbie question here. I've noticed there are fun names next to your rank and reputation. I've tried searching google and the forums but to no avail. Can someone explain?


I get that Reputation comes from reactions to posts, and I'm guessing you get a different fun name at certain tiered numbers.


Is your Rank related to Reputation? It seems that I have a totally different name there. I'm currently Reputation: NPC and Rank: Mostly Harmless. I can't remember which of those previously said Newbie. 


I have also noticed that some of the long-time users seem to have custom Ranks. 


Just a curious forum newb looking for explanations XD

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You are correct in that reputation comes from like/reactions to posts.  It's usually a positive number, or at least I've never seen a negative.


You title will change as you make more posts.  Once you make 1000 posts, you will gain the ability to make you own title.  If I recall, you may need to contact a forum administrator to turn that feature on though.


Looks like you've leveled up to Rabble Rouser.

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