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Frostrun - Moonglow Paints Wintery Creatures

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Frostrun - An Ongoing Painting Project




Inspired by @Glitterwolf's similar WIP threads with ongoing themed projects, I have decided to chronicle my own thematic painting journey.  Frostrun is a homebrew 5E campaign setting set in a vast expanse of frozen north.  Plagued by an undead threat, and lush with strange creatures and monsters, Frostrun is ripe for painting inspiration.


I will be linking to my Show Off galleries and dropping photos of relevant WIPs in here.  I may also drop some lore from time to time as well.


I would also love to see your creations that fit this theme!  Feel free to share images or drop links.


Show Off Gallery

Frost Wyrm (Remorhaz) - Reaper Bones 77183

Ice Troll - Reaper Bones 77344

Caribou - EC3D

Frost Giants - Tehnolog Vikings 54mm
Firbolg Monk - Nolzur's Human Druid Conversion 73390

Eladrin Warlock - Feiya, Iconic Witch - Reaper Bones 89008

Drow Harlequin - Astrid, Female Bard - Reaper Bones 77078

Halfling Thief - Bailey Silverbell - Reaper Bones 77072

Yeti Shaman, Chieftain, Shredder and Warrior - Reaper Bones 77433, 77434, 77435, 77436

Winter Wolf - Reaper Bones 77437

Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard - Reaper Bones 77068

Ice Witch - Mage Knight Repaint - Mending Priestess (#017)

Penguin Attack Pack - Reaper Bones 44104


Frostrun - An Introduction


Beyond the snow-covered hills of the Mellopeaks lies the frozen plains of Frostrun.  This barren frigid land was once home to great giants whose every foot fall shaped and molded the land, forming great lakes, mountains, and valleys.  The people of Frostrun are few but proud.  Stubborn folks who have refused to leave their ancestral land even as the weather grows colder, and the game scarcer.  Humans have lived off the lands in the plains and valleys, hunting great mammoths and other wildlife for centuries.  Goliaths, the great men of the mountains, kin of giants, live in cities carved from the mountain’s sides.  Rarely do they come down from the peaks.  In the sparse wintery forests live the Firbolg, reclusive relatives of the Fey.  These creatures are quiet and intune with nature, living amongst the animals rather than dominating and domesticating like humans.  And beneath the cold stone of Frostrun dwell the dwarves, finding warmth beneath the snow and ice, equal masters of the art of carving stone and ice.  Other races dwell in the winterlands as well, such as savage tribes of nomadic orcs, as well as traveling adventurers from worlds away, daring to cross the tundra in search of riches and glory.


Legends of fallen kingdoms and great empires lost beneath the ice have captured the imaginations of locals and foreign adventurers for centuries.  It is stories like these that have brought you each to the Harpie’s Hearth, the last inn between the warmth of civilization and the frigid wastes beyond.  The inn is rife with would-be adventurers seeking to make a name for themselves beyond the edge of the winterlands.  When word from Raven’s Roost, a small village to the north, goes silent, you are tasked with braving the tundra and investigating.  Do you have what it takes to put the warmth of civilization behind you and plunge into the icy depths of Frostrun?  Do you have the fire of an adventurer burning inside you?  Or does something more personal drive you towards a dangerous delve into the frozen wastes of the winterlands?

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Top Posters In This Topic

Pau - The Firbolg Monk

Pau, is a Firbolg from the tribes of Frostrun. He set out on a pilgrimage like many Firbolg do, and found himself at a monastery to the south, at the edge of the Frost.  The monastery, besides providing shelter to the wary traveler, depicted a statue of Firbolg.  Pau took this as a sign and spent several years training in the way of the Four Elements.  Armed with this new power, Pau has set back out to the North to return home and restore order to Frostrun.




Pau here was one of my Player Characters venturing out into the wilds of Frostrun.  Check out some more shots of him in the Show Off thread HERE.




Erik tugged at his sled, the runners wedged deep in the snow.  His dogs barked furiously, still tethered to the sled.  The logger tried to brace himself and gave another mighty pull but only succeeded in burying his own legs ankle-deep into the snow.  The wind continued to whip, carrying with it a blur of snow.


The dogs were well-trained.  They were used to the burden of carrying the sled, and were typically responsive to Erik's commands.  And yet moments ago, they had suddenly veered off course and tore the log-filled sled over an embankments and into a thick pile of snow.  Something had caught their attention.  The large malamutes tugged at their harnesses and cried out into the winter storm.


"Arrow, Bolt, yield boys!  I can nay get the sled out if you keep pulling."


Erik began to fuss with his own pack, looking for a length of rope with which to help him free the trapped sled.  As he fastened the rope to the runner, the dogs suddenly silenced.  He poked his head up.  The dogs stared quietly into the whipping snow.


A shape began to stumble forward.  A man.  Had help finally come for Erik?





"It's a blessing you've found me stranger, I don't know what got into them, they just pulled me off..."


Erik stopped in his tracks as the man came into sight.  He was a warrior.  His armor beaten and rusted.  A torn cloak of furs hung from his shoulders and horns adorned his crooked helm.  But the man.  The man himself was wrong.  His cheeks were sunken.  His fingers bony.  And his eyes....


His eyes glowed with a piercing blue light that chilled Erik more than the weather could ever have hoped to achieve.  He stumbled backwards, tripping over his own rope as he scrambled to get away.


The draugr shambled closer.  Slowly.  Methodically.  The dogs began whimpering as they turned and began to run the other way, before their own harnesses stopped them in their tracks.  Erik turned back.  The dogs cried and fought at his side, trapped by the sled, the dead man closing the distance behind them.


Erik couldn't leave them.  He rushed back towards the sled, and fought desperately to free the harnesses.  He could feel the shadow of the draugr slowly approaching.  It would be on him any second.  He almost had the rope.  Almost had it.  Almost had him.


There was a sudden rush of wind and the sound of branches snapping.  The horned helmet landed in the snow by Erik's side.  The lifeless eyes looked up at him and all light faded from them.  Erik looked up as the warrior's body fell away revealing the shape of a large bearded man.


The stranger was tall and broad, with cold blue skin and elf-like ears.  A Firbolg.  Erik had heard tales of the forest-folk but had never met one himself.


The firbolg twirled a staff and planted it into the snow under the sled.  He thrust down with a prying motion and a pillar of ice rose up from beneath the sled, freeing it.  He then turned and extended a hand to Erik.


"You should be careful out here.  The frosts can be a dangerous place."


Erik stuttered, not knowing what to say.  "I.. I.. I normally manage.  The dogs..."


The firbolg finished helping Erik to his feet before turning and walking towards the malamutes.  He extended a large hand  and the dogs curiously approached, calmed out of their previous excitement.


"You are good workers, aren't you?"  The Firbolg spoke in a deep but soft voice, gently patting the dogs on their heads.  "You will take care of him now, yes?  Bring him straight home.  And do not stray to bark at strange winds."


The logger moved to stand next to the firbolg.


"You can... They understand you?"


"Well enough." Answered the firbolg as he rose once more.  "Something dark is carried on these winds, my little friend.  An ancient evil has awoken.  Go home, and do not wander far from the warmth of your fires."


Erik checked on his dogs before adjusting his sled, preparing to depart.


"I almost forgot to thank you.  What do they call you?"


"A name is fleeting.  I have been called many things in my time.  'Stranger.'  'Friend.'  'Apprentice.'  But to my friends, I am known as 'Pau.'  You may call me what you wish."


Erik finished turning the sled.


"Then thank you, Pau."


The firbolg smiled as the sled vanished into the snow.


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Willow - The Eladrin Warlock

Willow is an Eladrin of the Feywild.  When her world started to freeze over, she was sent by her patron to cross over into the material world and discover the source of the cold.  A stranger to Frostrun and an outsider to this World, Willow must rely on her new friends to help her save her own realm.




Willow was another Player Character braving the wilds of Frostrun.  Check out some more photos of her at the Show Off thread HERE.



The unearthly howls pierced the quiet of the night over Raven's Roost.  A tall slender woman arose from the floor of the trashed cabin, where she had been examining a corpse.  The pale body sat limp against the wall, it's innards torn out and its eyes frozen open in terror.


The woman wiped her hands clean on her cloak and stepped towards the door, illuminated by a beam of moonlight.  She was built lean but muscular, with thick locks of red and brown hair draping over her shoulders and framing her pointed, elf-like ears.  But she was not an elf.  She was something else.  Her skin was the color of autumn leaves, and her eyes a shade of hot fire.  The sylvan blood was apparent, but she was not of this world.  Willow was an Eladrin.  A native of the Feywild.  A realm that mirrored this one, but was home to the fairies.


A small animate twig-doll stood by her side, watching her curiously as she carefully peeked out the open door.  Another duet of howls cried out from the darkened forest surrounding the abandoned village.  Willow lowered her hand, allowing the doll to climb up her arm.


"Quiet now, Sallow.  We are on the hunt."





The Eladrin stepped through the door and her skin shifted into a deep shade of blue as her hair frosted over to near-white.  Willow crept quietly across the snow-covered courtyard towards the shadows of the forest.  She posted up against a tree and peered into the dark.


A dark shape moved between the trees.  It was wolf-like in nature.  Chunks of skin hung off, exposing blackened bones beneath, and matted fur covered its body where the flesh remained.  It raised its head to sniff the night air, hunting for Willow as she hunted for it.  It seemed like it had missed her, as it began to turn the other way.


But the second head locked on to her position.


With a sudden start the two-headed hound raced towards her. Willow tucked and rolled out of the way.


"Sallow, now!"


The twig doll leapt from her shoulder and changed in shape.  It assumed the form of a dog-like creature as it crashed in to the two-headed monster.  The two hounds wrestled in the snow, teeth bared.


Willow extended a hand towards the mass of fur and limbs and ground erupted with a tangle of roots.  The roots stretched up and over the dogs and began to tighten and squeeze.  With a blink, Sallow was gone, and the roots sunk down over the death-dog.


A moment later, Sallow reappeared by Willow's side.  The Eladrin approached the trashing animal trapped in her snare and pointed a single finger at it.  Her body changed once more, frosted hair burning a fiery red, and her skin warming to a golden-yellow.  A fiery charge shot from her finger through one of the beast's heads, and into the other.  The thrashing stopped.


The dog by her side shrunk and returned to its twig-like form as Willow herself calmed to her former autumnal visage.


Something had corrupted this creature.  And she had a feeling that something was responsible for the freezing of her own world as well.


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Nox - The Drow Bard

Nox is a Drow Bard and a newcomer to Frostrun.  Nox left behind her home in the Underdark to seek out a life of adventure and fame as a traveling entertainer, but soon found herself on the wrong side of the law.  With nowhere else to go, Nox has turned towards Frostrun, the edge of civilization.  A place where people are judged not by their past, but by their ability to survive.  Unfortunately, a dark force has threatened her one chance at redemption.  Will Nox rewrite the tale and come out a legend?  Or will darkness have its way and leave her as a footnote in someone else's song?




Nox was yet another member of the Frostrunners adventuring party.  Check out more photos in the Show Off thread HERE.




Harpy's Hearth was the gateway to the North.  The last hint of civilization before the cold and barren wastes of Frostrun.  Sure, there were settlements and outposts dotting the frigid plains and mountainsides, but nothing compared to the hustle and bustle of the town of Harpy's Hearth.


Loggers, and hunters, and craftsmen kept the town alive through the harsh winters, but it was the travelers who injected warm blood into the town.  And if the travelers and adventurers were the blood, then The Hearth was its heart.


The namesake of the town was a cozy lodge and inn, and was nearly always full of rowdy travelers.  Would-be adventurers shouted jovially over frothy steins as they spun tales of lost-treasures buried under the ice.  Cloaked strangers sat in the darkened corners, whispering secrets and eyeing the door suspiciously.  And creatures and folk of all types huddled around the fire, unconcerned with their differences.  It didn't matter where you had come from; In Harpy's Hearth, it only mattered that you were there.


Poe slammed another wooden stein in front of the newcomer - warm frothy ale spilling over the top.  She was dark in complexion, not like the warm dark skin of his own, but like a shadow brought to life.  This was juxtaposed by her outfit, which was bright and loudly patterned - clearly some kind of entertainer.  Though she showed no sign of entertainment as she quickly downed her third drink.


Poe had seen this type before.  Dark, and quiet.  Runaways from the South.  Fleeing something you couldn't outrun.  But it mattered not to him.  As long as they kept their burdens behind them and had coin for a drink, they were welcome here.  And this one had the coin.





The dark harlequin sipped her drink in one hand, while the other rested firmly over a large satin coin purse.  She knew better than to leave money where others could grab it.  Many former-criminals showed this level of extreme paranoia.  Though Poe couldn't say it was needlessly paranoid.


His train of thought was disrupted as a roar filled the tavern and a cry of cheers echoed up from the basement.  The dark stranger seemed roused from her gloom and turned her head towards the noise.  She polished off her drink with one last swig, arose, and tossed another silver piece on to the bar before disappearing into the back.




The back room was crowded and smoky.  People surrounded a wooden balcony that overlooked a dirt-floored pit below, torches illuminating the occupants.  A shirtless dwarf pounded his sweaty chest and let out a guttural war-cry.  A few of the onlookers shouted their approval.  The other contestant lumbered forward, head hunched low.  The massive, snow-white polar bear reared back on to its hind legs and roared.  The onlookers roared back.


A leather-clad woman with fiery red hair stood on the rails above and shouted to the crowd.


"She's got him cornered now!  Will Horace the Horrible prevail, or will the beast take another victim?  She hasn't been fed today, and she looks hungry!  Last chance to raise your bids!"


Back in the pit, the bear charged.  The dwarf tossed himself out of the way, taking a beard-full of dirt.  He scrambled to his feet as the bear swung heavy claws towards the spot he had been a moment ago.  The crowd oohd-and-ahhd with each swipe and dodge.


The dwarf was looking less confident now as the bear circled again, eyeing him carefully.  She swiped a paw against the dirt, and began to charge again.  This time the dwarf panicked and turned towards the ropes.


"Git me the hells out of here!" he cried as he furiously climbed up the ropes.


Several arms reached over and grabbed him and began pulling him up.  The bear rose to her full height and snapped her jaws at the dwarf's legs, just barely missing.


The crowd booed and cheered.  As the game-master shouted again.


"Oooo.  A good attempt and close-one at that, but he's lucky to be walking out of that one!  Oi, someone buy that dwarf an ale.  The Beast wins again!"


Coins exchanged hands as betters collected their winnings.


"Now, who else thinks they can survive a full round with the Beast?"


"I do!" came a voice from the crowd.


The onlookers parted to reveal the new challenger.  The drow stepped forward towards the announcer.


"And does our challenger have a name?"




"Let's hear it for Nox!  Place your bets, place your bets.  Bets on the challenger get tripled!"


Nox climbed onto the rails and looked down into the pit.  The bear paced and grunted.


"No blades, no clubs, no weapons of any kind.  The beast doesn't need them and neither do you.  Leave your armor at the door."


Nox undid several belts, leaving a sword, a lute, and traveler's pack at her feet.  She then undid a knife from around her wrist.  And her ankle.  And the small of her back.  She finally unlaced her leather vest and added it to her pile.


"Will our newcomer prevail where so many have failed?  It's time to find out.  Get ready folks, it's time for a fight!"


Nox jumped over the rails and down into the pit.  The bear roared in response.  But the drow just stood her ground, staring right back into the black eyes of the bear.


The crowd cheered in anticipation as the bear paced back and forth, eyeing the woman.  And yet she didn't move.  She raised a hand and the bear stopped pacing.  The crowd began to quiet.


Nox slowly approached the animal and rested her hand on its head.  The bear closed her eyes and lowered to the ground before rolling over.


Murmurs began to race through the crowd and the game-master did her best to save the situation.


"Ah..  This is interesting.  It seems the beast is ah.. playing with the new challenger.  What kind of game is this?  Ah..  One moment.  Don't go anywhere!"


She leapt down into the pit and rushed over to Nox.


"What did you do to her?!"


"I told her I did not wish to fight."


The game-master laughed nervously.  "Well that's just great.  There's a whole crowd of people up there who bet on a FIGHT!"


Nox continued to stroke the calm bear, who had began rolling around in the dirt.  The game-master wiped sweat from her brow.


"Listen, this whole thing depends on people thinking she's a fearsome monster.  You shatter that illusion the whole jig is up."


The drow was unmoved.


"I do not condone the mistreatment of this animal."


"Mistrea.. Frostine here gets the queen treatment.  She's a bloody star, and a bloody good actress.  And there's fifty pounds of fresh elk waiting for her after the fight."


The crowd above began to boo.  "We want a fight!"


"All's well, just hold on a bloody moment!"  The game-master turned back to Nox.  "You'll get half the day's take if you make it look real."


"All of it."  Nox continued to pet the polar bear.


"Three quarters, and I'll buy you a round."






Helga Strongbow carried two steins in one hand, a large bottle of liquor in the other.  She elbowed open the door to her room.  Frostine, the bear, sat on a large four-poster bed and tore into a silver-platter full of red meat.  Nox sat in a tall velvet chair, absentmindedly plucking at her Lute.  The red-haired woman handed her a stein and popped the cork on the bottle.


"That was some of the most convincing fighting I've ever seen.  And I've seen full-sized barbarians go at it with egos on the line."


Nox chuckled.  "No showmanship in those ones.  A good fight is like a dance.  Only works when both parties know the steps."


Helga laughed, "True.  That gets me thinking.  How would you like a weekly gig?"


The drow raised an eyebrow, "are you asking me to dance?"


Helga smiled, "well it's obvious you know the steps."


Nox toasted her cup and smiled.  "If it means spending more time getting under your skin, I'm in."


It seemed to Nox that things could finally be different.  No debts.  No syndicate.  An enjoyable gig and a warm bed.  And the company of a delightful con-woman.  Perhaps, Frostrun really could be her paradise.


But a few weeks from now, she'd be looking back in frustration at her own naivety.  Nothing was ever that easy.  And darkness was coming to Frostrun.


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Ophelia Pokitz - Halfling Thief

Ophelia Pokitz is what you would call a troubled teen.  Orphaned at a young age, Ophelia spent much of their childhood passing from orphanage to orphanage, always finding a way to get kicked out.  They eventually left the system and struck out on their own, traveling to some of the larger cities in search of a better life.  Over the years, Ophelia has learned to use their small size and tiny hands to "reposes" any valuables that aren't bolted down.  This habit has put them on a wanted list in many towns across the countryside.  Pushed further north, Ophelia has found themselves in the town of Harpy's Hearth.  Ignorant of their southern reputation, and full of gold-carrying adventurers, this could be a great place for Ophelia to catch a break and line their own pockets.  It could also be a great place to find a new family.  If they can survive the darkness to come.




Ophelia was the last of my painted player characters for Frostrun.  A fifth joined later but the games halted before I could paint something up.  Check out more shots of Ophelia in the Show Off thread HERE.




"Eat the dwarf!  Tear 'em to pieces!"


The crowd pressed tightly to the rails, trying to catch a glimpse of the fight below.  Some shouted.  Some watched quietly.  But all attention was on the pit.  All except two halflings who hung near the door.


"I'm not sure about this Ophelia.  What if they catch us?"  said the smaller of the two, a young dark-skinned girl with a thick mop of curls.  She nervously wrung her hands together.


The taller one was unfazed.  "They won't.  Not if you do exactly as I said."  Ophelia handed the little one a small dagger.





Twiggy looked at it apprehensively before tucking it up her sleeve.  Just as Ophelia had instructed.  She looked up at them.  They had only been in town for a month, but in that time they had taught her so much.  How to move through a crowd without being seen.  How to hide in plain sight.  How to sneak out of the house when her stupid dad wouldn't let her.  But this.  This was the real test.


Ophelia was older than her, by a handful of years.  And was the kind of kid you didn't mess with.  They kept their hair cut short - "so it doesn't get in your way" - wore dark makeup around their eyes - "to keep the snow from blinding you."  And under their cloak and jacket were at least six hidden daggers, and a dozen or so trick-pockets.  Even if someone caught them, they'd never find anything incriminating on them.


Ophelia pushed into the crowd - gently squeezing through gaps and ducking under legs.  Twiggy watched the steps carefully.  She tried to follow them as best she could.


"Light of foot.  Guide the bodies out of your way.  Don't push, just brush.  Use your elbows, not your hands."  Ophelia's voice echoed in her head.


Twiggy watched them work.  Slipping effortlessly through the throng of people, their hands darting in and out of pockets and bags.  But these people weren't the target.  Merely a fun bonus.


Twiggy caught up to Ophelia as they neared their target.  The red-haired woman stood on the rails and shouted to the crowd eyeing the fight.  "She's got him cornered now!  Will Horace the Horrible prevail, or will the beast take another victim?  She hasn't been fed today, and she looks hungry!  Last chance to raise your bids!"


A roar echoed up from the pit, causing Twiggy to jump.  But Ophelia was focused on the prize.  A belt of coin-purses hung from announcer's waist.  Earnings and payouts for the bets.  


Ophelia turned to Twiggy.  "Just lift and slice and keep moving.  Up your sleeve, into your boot, anywhere out of sight.  You take the right.  And remember, caution keeps you safe, but hesitation gets you caught."


Ophelia darted towards the rails and stepped up, seemingly to get a better view of the fight.  But Twiggy watched them work.  There was a toss of their cloak, briefly obscuring the woman's belt.  A moment later, they were climbing down, and the purses were gone, and Ophelia vanished into the crowd.  Twiggy's turn.


The halfling took a steadying breath and moved up.  She fingered the cold steel of the dagger in her sleeve as she climbed up the railing.  She lowered the blade and glanced towards the purses.  And a dark slender hand grabbed her wrist.


She looked up into the eyes of a dark elf.  They seemed to glow for a minute and a voice spoke in her mind.


"Is this the life you want?  Thievery?  Are you truly that desperate?  You don't even know how much you have to lose.  A father who cares.  That's more than some of us had.  That kid isn't a role model.  Go home.  Don't try this again, unless you want to meet a real criminal.  I'll show you what it's like to have nothing to lose."


The halfling dropped the dagger into the drow's hand and took off.


The drow smirked.




Ophelia sat on a pile of crates behind the lodge.  They pulled their cloak tighter around them, attempting to hold back the cold as they counted the coins.


"Copper.  Why did it have to be stinkin' copper?  Bet the good stuff was on the other side.  Stupid girl can't do anything right."


The crunching of snow caught their attention.


A drow in harlequin-garb stood with arms-crossed near the corner of the building.


Ophelia quickly pocketed the coins and hopped to the ground.  One hand reached into their cloak and felt for a knife.


"Kid, if I wanted to kill you you'd be dead already."  The drow leaned against the wall, nonchalantly.


Ophelia kept her fingers on the dagger.  "Then mind your own, and bother someone else."


The elf slowly sauntered closer. "Ah, but business is exactly why I'm here.  Half.


Ophelia eyed her suspiciously.  "I don't know what you're talking about."


The drow raised her hand in mock surprise.  "Who said I was accusing you?  I want half."


Ophelia nervously stepped back.  "a quarter."


"Half, and I'll throw in a room at the Hearth."


Ophelia stopped.  They knew better than to trust a stranger.  Especially someone shady like the woman before them.  But it would be nice to sleep somewhere warm.  It would be nice to have a bed guaranteed.


"What's the catch?" they asked.


"No catch.  No quota.  Just half."


Something was off, but Ophelia couldn't pass up a good opportunity.  Besides, they could always skip town again if they needed to.


"Alright.  Half."


The drow nodded in approval and turned to walk away.


"Oh, one more thing." she said, turning back to face Ophelia.


Here it was.  The catch.


"The red-head is off limits."


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Winter Throwbacks

If you had been wondering about some of those minis pictured in my first post on this thread, I finally got around to sharing them properly.  These were among some of the first minis I painted when I first got into the hobby two years ago.  They aren't the best minis, but they were an important stepping stone.  I'm sure two years from now I will feel similarly about the things I have painted more recently.



Check out more photos and read my reflections on these pieces HERE.

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Ice Witch Sister - Beauty (EC3D)


Here's a fun recent winter mini I painted up.  This Ice Witch will make a great addition to the frosty family.  She is part of the Wilds of Wintertide set from EC3D.  Her sister "The Crone." is primed up and waiting for some paint.  You can see more photos of the Ice Witch Beauty in the show off thread HERE.



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11 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Good collection of figures tied to the same setting; very nicely done. I'm a fan of the stories, too.:winkthumbs:

Thank you!  The game has been on hold for over a year and I don't think it's coming back.  I eventually plan on starting it over for a new crew though.  So I periodically add a few more whenever I find some fitting minis.  The Rune Wights in Bones 5 are a perfect fit for this setting.

Glad you liked the stories!  I had given up on them since they were a lot of work and made it harder to post, but if people enjoy them I can always bring them back.

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