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Dark Tide - Moonglow Paints Pirates and other Maritime Minis

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I made an octopus!




Finally finished painting this guy. Was a fun little evening if painting. Noticed a few anatomical inaccuracies while referencing images for painting, but it looks good enough for what it is.





Pretty proud of it since I don't have much sculpting experience.  He's also a pretty tiny guy.  Was fun painting with dots though. I have aptly named him "Spot."


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Bullywug Tribals and Mud King


I recently finished a large group of frog-men to stand in as a tribal society of Bullywug.  You can check out my WIP thread HERE, or more photos in my Show Off thread HERE.



Nestled within the cradle of the Yu’an Archipelago lies the swampy island of Isla de Croque.  The island is partially dominated by mangrove swamps and is home to the Bullywug.  Once the heart of the Archipelago, the island has slowly sunk deeper into the sea leaving behind a wetland and forgotten ruins.


The Bullywug of Isla de Croque are the island’s only "intelligent" creatures.  The swampy nature of the island is inhospitable to most creatures, but is uniquely suited to the amphibious Bullywug who have made their homes in the shadows of the sunken temples, living amongst the tangled roots of the mangroves. 


Bullywug have a twisted sense of ego and superiority.  When the first outsiders came to their island and attempted to claim it for their king, the Bullywug became fascinated with the outsiders’ way of living.  The Bullywug were easily forced into surrender by the invaders, but the outsiders soon realized the island was inhospitable.  The Bullywug, now equating kingdom and riches with strength, set about creating their own monarchy.  Having no system of currency, they simply equated shininess to value and began frantically collecting shiny trinkets.  The Bullywug with the most valuables became the first Mud King.  This position can be challenged by any who believes they have more valuebles than the King, however, this has become increasingly difficult to do, as all Bullywug are ordered to deliver shinies to the King to increase his strength.

Gullet, the current Mud King of the Bullywug, is a particularly large Bullywug with a sizable horde.  Gullet sits on his throne in the sinking ruins of an old temple, surrounded by his possessions.  He takes any opportunity to flaunt his horde to show off his own assumed strength.  The rest of the Bullywug deliver shinies to him and grovel to help increase his strength and therefore the strength of the entire frogdom.


The Bullywug are extremely territorial, staking claim to the land they inhabit.  Crude markers made of hide and bones are the only sign that bullywug are near.  Fortunately the Bullywug tend to capture more than kill, as their community lives to serve and impress the Mud King.

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Posted (edited)

Sometimes wish I had started this thread in the General Fantasy forum.  Just because I often have updates that aren't about painting.  Is there any way to move a thread?



This project may get floating again.  Had one of my intended players convince me to share the setting lore so he could work on his character.  So now I'm thinking about minis.

Want to figure out some ways to base things for this.  


I've got plenty of Rum and Bones minis.  Since these are also useful for their actual game, i don't want to do anything crazy with them.  Probably just mask off the rims and hand paint wood planks.


For the land dwelling creatures I'm thinking beaches with subtle waves rolling up.  Maybe a rocky shoreline for some more intimidating ones.
I'm looking into some simple water effects.  I don't really like the look of resin pools, but i've seen some cool water texture used to give a little bit of wave shape.  Also want to get my hands on some bits for marine-scatter.  Driftwood, seashells, starfish, crabs.  Just some things to add some extra life.  Planning on trying my hand at blue-stuff molds and epoxy casting to get some mileage out of those bits.  If it works out well I may try casting some flintlocks to give fantasy minis a more piratical flair.

For the deep sea baddies I'm planning on using flight stands when needed with a turquoise sea floor look.  similar to my octopus.  But with more room for some colorful corals and plants.  Saw a cool base effect with the refracted light lines on the sea floor.  May give that a try as well.  Hoping I can find some cool bits for under the water as well.  Saw one set that had some schools of fish.  That'd be a nice touch.  Also trying to find good places to source coral-like tufts.  Might use some "alien grass" tufts mixed with some aquarium plants.


Hopefully I'll manage to paint more of these once the game is motivating me.

Need to paint up some generic crew members and find some good kuo-toa minis.  I have a particular image in my head of small squat fish-men.  Closest things i've found are the Gilblin from relicblade, and the Murloc from WoW.  Just wish I could find some in enough quantity and variety.  Anyone know any good goblin-like fishmen minis?  Or some STLs?  Most of the ones I've seen are a bit too frightening and land in the same territory of Sahaugin, and I'm trying to keep them visually distinct.

I happen to have a bunch of static looking Murlocs from the WoW board game.  May try to modify them so they have some variety in posing and accessories.

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Here's hoping to see more from this thread!  All the stuff you've done so far is really inspiring and has a ....connectivity, I suppose, in the aesthetic that makes it feel like it all belongs together.

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On 4/1/2021 at 4:40 PM, MoonglowMinis said:

Sometimes wish I had started this thread in the General Fantasy forum.  Just because I often have updates that aren't about painting.  Is there any way to move a thread?


No, you've put it in the right place, because you're showing painted figures. Not every post in a thread has to have pictures of painted stuff; discussion of ideas relating to the project is perfectly acceptable, and encouraged.:winkthumbs:



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On 4/8/2021 at 9:35 PM, AlonTey said:

Here's hoping to see more from this thread!  All the stuff you've done so far is really inspiring and has a ....connectivity, I suppose, in the aesthetic that makes it feel like it all belongs together.

Thank you.  There will definitely be more!  Just can't promise when.  I do have two new pirates painted up that'll get posted eventually once I take good photos.  I've already got quite a backlog of unpainted for this setting, but Bone 5 will add tons more.  And once the game actually gets going, I'll have extra motivation to keep the minis coming.  There may also be more world lore, or adventure logs.


12 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

No, you've put it in the right place, because you're showing painted figures. Not every post in a thread has to have pictures of painted stuff; discussion of ideas relating to the project is perfectly acceptable, and encouraged.:winkthumbs:

Thanks.  In my mind it made sense to have a single place that linked to other related threads.  So that someone could flip through this and follow along with my madness.  Definitely inspired by similar threads by @Glitterwolf.

I may start adding some other bits of lore into this thread as well.  To give more context for the minis and the role they play in my setting and campaign.

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    • By JackMann
      Painted up an old mini I've had forever. Pretty much just slapped some GW contrast paints on him, with a few metallics (Vallejo Gunmetal and Chrome), and some Reaper Walnut Brown for the eyes.
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    • By Brianuk
      I backed the Pirates of the dread sea kickstarter and am really enjoying painting the minis. The book looks nice as well. The skeleton pirates need a wash, beige highlight, then basing. The humans need a beige highlight and basing. 

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      And now for something completely different. Normally, I post figures (or I rather try to post some figures), but this time, it's a bit bigger.
      My "longtime" WIP is done (you can find her in my "Speed-build"-Thread. Check out ->here<-)
      This project started as a commission. A colleague of mine was in the navy back in the days, and she was on board of the Karlsruhe when the vessel still was in service.
      When she left the ship, her comrades gifted her a model - but, as she is no model builder, the box was laying beneath some shelves never to be assembled - that is, until my colleague found out I had done model kit assembly for like 20 years or so.
      So she gave her precious kit to me - and I foolishly took it, believing the vessel and I could make love, not war. The kit intended otherwise though  and that made my journey a rough voyage.
      When I started in February 2018, I didn't believe it would be a ride like this. I fought my way through glue, colors, sweat, tears and blood (literally).
      I think up to this date, this was THE most difficult kit I ever had to make. This old lady by far resisted every building step I made - and even after finishing her I had so many problems holding her together that I am glad I am done now.
      Anyways - it was a great experience and I learned a lot of things - especially regarding weathering and diorama building and I value what I learned.
      Thanks to everyone who followed my building progress and commented. I guess I wouldn't have finished her otherwise.
      Enjoy the pictures:
















    • By Aard_Rinn
      For the last few months since Reapercon, I've been focusing on pumping out minis to avoid the rut I got into last year. When I saw that Reaper had released the ghost sailors as metal figures, well... I knew what one of my October projects was going to be. I loved these guys as part of the Bones IV kickstarter, but I've not enjoyed painting plastic minis as much since getting back into metals at the Reapercon melt table, so I was psyched to order them and put in an order that night... Most of the rest I had from Reapercon, although I think I picked up Labella there too.
      Either way, these guys painted up gorgeous and easy using my go-to one-two spirit technique! As a firm believer in spooky blue ghosts, I started by priming them white, then giving them a couple layers of Irrisen Blue from the new Pathfinder paintset... My old blue standby was from the HD line and the bottle has faded to the point of illegibility, but it was almost identical. Then once it's dry, I drybrush heavily with Linen White (pure white comes out looking starched, and bluer whites don't show on the blue, but linen is perfect) and... call it a day. Decorate the bases, maybe some pizza... 's good. That said, minis painted using this technique meet my #1 requirement for ghost minis: They're distinctive on the table!
      I debated doing some OSL, but decided that it would wash the bases out, unfortunately. I like it better this way, with the bases nice and grounded, and the ghosts spooky and glowing! Lots of fun base details on these, too - 10/10 recommend picking them up if you have any sort of use for them!
      Miniatures involved (not enough tags for them all): 03965: Ghost Pirate Cook, 03966: Ghost Pirate Quartermaster, 03967: Ghost Pirate Captain, 03968: Ghost Pirate Bosun, 03969: Drowned Nymph Ghost: Banshee, 03718: Ghost Bride, 03475: Labella DeMornay, Banshee, 03170: Lurien, Ghost, 14168: Gauren, Necropolis Hero, 03799: Female Wraith

      03965: Ghost Pirate Cook

      03966: Ghost Pirate Quartermaster

      03967: Ghost Pirate Captain

      03968: Ghost Pirate Bosun

      03969: Drowned Nymph Ghost: Banshee

      03718: Ghost Bride

      03475: Labella DeMornay, Banshee

      03170: Lurien, Ghost

      14168: Gauren, Necropolis Hero

      03799: Female Wraith

      Of all of these, if I had to pick favorites... Hm... Ghost Bride and Gauren. They took the drybrushing perfectly and are super-fun figures!
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