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Ancient Naval Gaming Rules?


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Can anyone recommend a good ruleset for ancient galley wargaming? I'm talking about from the Greco-Persian Wars up through the Roman Republic and Empire, possibly beyond. Looking for something that can handle squadrons or MAYBE small fleets, and is either gridless, or has most ships occupying two hexes, as I'm using 1/600 minis that are roughly 4" long to a base, and the map available to me has 2" hexes. I've tried the free version of Corvus 2, and while I rather enjoyed it, my opponent was hoping for a bit more detail than that.


On a side note, I've heard that if the bulk of your fleet consists of Roman Seas models printed at half scale, that many of the ships produced by Xyston or Skytrex turn out extremely small by comparison. Can anyone give any advice as to any of those ships that work well alongside Roman Seas?



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