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Dungeoneering for Seniors: Hasslefree's Sebastian and Conlan

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8 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


I love the idea of a group of seasoned adventurers.

Maybe one of the grandkids was kidnapped and the old friends decided to take care of it themselves instead of hiring the young upstarts?

Well done!

Oh, I like this idea very much! Going to have to turn it into an adventure now. Thank you both for the kind words and the inspiration! 

8 hours ago, Inarah said:

Wonderful work.  Old age and cunning will always beat youth and exuberance!

Love the dungeon shots, too. 

Now that I'm sliding away from the exuberance of youth, I appreciate this point of view! Thank you. 

5 hours ago, Iridil said:

Love these! Great work with the elder adventurers,  and I love the day job shot :)

Thanks! I had fun with it. Conran is a great sculpt with fantastic attitude. 

5 hours ago, Generic Fighter said:

"No One Insults MY Grandbabies!"

Been playing a Thri-Kreen fighter that is also a grandma. It is SO fun!

That sounds delightful! I hope she refers to her buddies as "my precious larvae" or "little grubs" or such. "Instar, sweetie."

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3 hours ago, Rigel said:

Oh, I like this idea very much! Going to have to turn it into an adventure now. Thank you both for the kind words and the inspiration! 



A few other ideas ( I like stories so excuse me if I go overboard).


  • While having a reunion to talk about their days of dungeon crawling, one of the old adventurers mentions "having lost a precious artifact / remembers a precious artifact that he/she couldn't take with him/her at that time" The old friends get excited ( probably after a few beers) and decide to retrieve said artifact?


  • Estra's cat is missing, when looking for it she notices her cat's footprints leading to a cavern, unwilling to enter alone she asks her friends to join her to search for it. The Cavern seems to be larger than expected, what lurks there?



  • At Conran's birthday party he tells stories about his Orc slaying/ Dungeoncrawling days. His grandson jokes that those days are behind him and that he's too old for it now. Conran gets angry and it all leads to a bet where he promises to return with the head of a Gnoll/Orc/Tentacle of a Beholder ( whatever suits you) to prove that he's still a ferocious warrior. Of course his friends agree to join him.


  • Sadly old age takes it toll, lately poor Sebastian tends to forget things and sometimes acts a little strange, his grandkids are already eying his fortune and are willing to put him in the Old Adventurer's Home. One day when Esra arrives at his home for their morning tea, he's not there, the door is open and she notices his armor and sword are gone. Does he want to go out with a bang? Or is he imagining that he's a young dungeoncrawler again? Not wanting to let the greedy grandkids know, Esra asks her old friends to help search for Sebastian. A twist could be that the grandkids notice it all a little bit later, so turn it into a race? Will the old friends find Sebastian first and spare him the humiliation of being dragged to the Old Adventurer's Home? Or will the greedy grandkids find him first? And where did he go? Is he wandering the streets just waving his sword about and causing some trouble? Or did he wander off for one last adventure? And is he aware of what he is doing or did he slowly lost his mind?








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@Glitterwolf, I'm always down to hear more adventure ideas! Thank you! All four of those are splendid and going to make great roleplay  as well as high adventure.

2 hours ago, GBPrime said:

Conran standing atop the pile of miniatures made me laugh out loud.  Well done all around!

Thanks! I was pretty proud of that shot especially. 

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    • By Rigel
      I've previously posted Hasslefree's Velma analogue 'Louise' as a Miskatonic library assistant. High time I got the rest of the gang together.

      A cheap toy VW bus is key to this whole thing. The flowers and turquoise are my addition.


      We have Not-Fred-for-Legal-Reasons! (Barney, postapocalyptic version. No ascot, sadly, but a more dynamic sculpt.)

      Not-Daphne! (Felicity, also post-apoc version; she looks good with a bat)

      Not-Shaggy and his Great Dane! (Wolsey, standard version, and Hamlet; the box of SNAX I made from a chunk of sprue)

      And Not-Velma (Louise, featured in another post.)

      More turnaround pix:

      What sorts of shenanigans would these meddling teens get up to? and why would they be hired by the circus? (Obviously, the circus doesn't want or need the regular police, even if they could help with spooky crimes.)

      Shaggy would immediately volunteer to check out the midway, I think.
      "Hey Scoob! You ever had a turkey leg...wrapped in cotton candy?" 
      *doglike sounds vaguely approximating the phrase "Not yet!"*


      Daphne splits off to search for clues (there are plenty),

      Behold! A performer about to take a Louisville Slugger straight to the groin!

      Somebody has released the animals from the Beast-Tamer's act! 

      Good thing Barney knows how to make himself look big and loud, not like panther prey! That'll scare them off.

      Nothing beats legwork and research for getting to the bottom of a problem. Somebody's been embezzling and cooking the books, if Velma's calculations are correct (they are).


      Hope you enjoy...I certainly did! 
    • By Rigel
      Hasslefree specializes in characterful badasses, and I thought it good to paint a few of them up like my merc Frank Russo. Meet the Major, Ekaterina, Rowen, Alex, and Tank, along with their previously posted colleagues:
      In several cases they have been modified or accessorized.  My FLGS had some leftover GW Bitz they were kind enough to let me plunder, and between that, a GW scout walker's leftover bitz, and Bombshell tool sprues there were plenty of canisters and accessories to go around. 
      Here is the Major. (Hasslefree designation Major Hoare.) I added the gas tanks and the hose to his weapon. One canister is pyrophoric, the other, an extinguisher. The Major is acutely aware of which is connected at all times. I assume the cigar is a futuristic electronic device, for that would be most unsafe otherwise. 


      Ekaterina appears to be one of Hasslefree's analogues to Black Widow. I added some canisters and a Bombshell machete. 


      Rowen here really sold me on this project. Love that dynamic and confident stroll, and the flippy hairstyle. They are very secure in who they are, even more so with a portable GW missile strapped to their back.


      Alex has access to guns and grenades but prefers sharp blades. [This mini, unlike his colleagues, comes in like six pieces; pin and glue accordingly.]



      And of course there is Tank. Tank is not Hasslefree, but rather a leftover GW scout walker pilot. I've posted in the past about diversity in minis, and resolved to follow through on that by giving him a souped-up wheelchair/personal mobility device with some extra bells and whistles. Tank sees your wheelchair-inaccessible stairs and is prepared to turn them into an accessible ramp of smoking rubble. GW parts plus parts from a toy car I found under a refrigerator.

      And lastly, a repaint of Bombshell's Maelee, to get her in line with the Task Force dress code. Also added a couple pouches and canisters. 


      Together they make a formidable team, good for spacefuture or cyberpunk settings. What sorts of mayhem mightn't they get up to...for the right price, of course?

    • By Rigel
      The new student assistant at Miskatonic's Orne Library! Already Ms Dinklage (Hasslefree's "Louise") has proven to be adept at scholarship and library science, and not easily frightened (this latter being a VERY useful job skill at Ol' Misk). When asked about her tremendous sang-froid she was evasive, mentioning 'friends from [her] summer job' and 'travels in dark corners of the earth.'  

      With some of her fellow-students:

      And with others on the library faculty:

    • By Rigel
      After giving both Buckland and the Miner a jaunty yellow-and-white scheme, it came burning hot into my mind that they should be part of a team of space roughnecks/asteroid miners/problem solvers. This is the rest of that team. 

      First, Kulgara. She's a Pathfinder model, from the 'Iron Gods' adventure, and is a techno-badelf. What a great Space Orc. I think her vambraced fists count as construction equipment, and the ridiculously huge chainsaw (with knuckle spikes, in case you have a chainsaw fight and need to punch someone?) is beautifully over-the-top. I'm not sure what the lever-matic tool on her back is supposed to be. The giant wrench is from Bombshell.

      She's definitely in the right line of work here.

      Next up, Sluggo, the Space Henchman. Noseless and brutish, with gangly but muscular arms and a dyspeptic expression. I thought at first of making him the same species as the Andromedans, but decided against it and gave him a pale Vampiric Flesh+Magos Purple sluglike complexion. Jetpack is Bombshell again. I love jetpacks, though I'm afraid this one gets in the way of his suspendies.

      Serendipitously, I remembered the weird little Slimer-like alien I had leftover from Betty, Space Heroine (50150). It, too, has a big round noseless head, rubbery aspect, wiry limbs, and short legs! Perhaps it and Sluggo here are the same species; it certainly looks like it could hench in a pinch. I'll call it Squish.

      Also got a fella in a hazmat suit with some kind of Geiger-counter sensor or such, from Hasslefree. Seen here in a routine check of goo emissions levels. Just carrying out assigned tasks, nothing suspicious here.

      And here's the whole greasy roustabout crew:

    • By Rigel
      Because we need more badelf fighting ladies.

      Kev White, the sculptor, seems to have paid attention during "The First Avenger." Great uniform details. But I've already got the muscular and dynamic Zenith (50080) in that role, so I went with our neighbors to the North. The shield is, again, my addition. 

      More angles: 

      Superhero team-up time! 

      And another mission (feat. Dirk Goodspeed, 50195, and Sasquatch, 50011).

      More Squatch:


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