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Who's Your Mummy? - 77144, 77145, 77146, 77147


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The flickering glow of the torchlight illuminates the dusty, hieroglyphic-covered walls of the forgotten tomb.  Moonglow clings to his hat as he carefully scans for signs of the hidden entrance.  A small indentation betrays the location of a door in the stone wall.  Carefully, the adventurer pushes his way through.


The room is barren and dark, except for a single pillar of light shining down upon a small pedestal.  On top sits a small box.


Moonglow carefully crosses the chamber and approaches the box.  He lifts the lid and peers inside.


"Ah, there's my old minis!"


Who's Your Mummy?


Today I felt like sharing some more of my older work that hasn't been posted on the forums yet.  This time it's the Bones mummies that are getting the spotlight.



These mummies were one of my first large painting projects.  It seemed impressive at the time to be working on 8 things simultaneously.  They're a bit dusty from all the drybrushing, but I think they look the part, and I'm a fan of the red-gold color scheme I settled on.


More Photos beneath the spoiler:


Mummy (3) 77144




Mummy Warrior (3) 77146




Mummy Captain 77145




Mummy Lich 77147






These were a fun little set and were perfect adversaries when my players visited the City of Time and sought to stop a Lich's return to power.  After failing once an resetting the clock, they had to fight their way through a mummy-filled temple complete with crawling claws and sand-filling rooms to stop the Mummy Lord from returning to his former Lich status.


What's your favorite mummy encounter?

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Dusty is a feature, not a bug, for mummies!

Good stuff on these. 

2 hours ago, MoonglowMinis said:

...they had to fight their way through a mummy-filled temple complete with crawling claws and sad-filling rooms to stop the Mummy Lord...

I realize it's a typo, but the idea of a room filling with crippling melancholy, forcing Wis save after Wis save to not obsess over what might have been, seems perfect for a City of Time dungeon!

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