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Here's an odd one.  Anyone know of a miniature of someone over-bundled up against the cold?  I have this vision of an elf who has made his home in a frigid land despite being unaccustomed to the weather.  Just wondering if there's a playful model like that out there of a character wearing too many cloaks and scarves.


It's not-essential but I would love the opportunity to bring this weird character to life.


As an addendum, if you have suggestions for models that could be easily converted I'm also interested.  Or resources for sculpting scarves and the like.

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After a bit of browsing, I might be able to modify this bones figure despite the character i'm envisioning being male.
https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/bones human/oldest/77396

Olivia, Female Cleric


Might be able to add a fur-collared cloak and an extra scarf over the face.  Maybe fur trim to the bottom too.  Possibly even modifying the hands into mittens.

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If you're open to other manufacturers, you might want to check out North Star's line of Frostgrave figures. Given the game's setting of a frozen city, the figures are mostly sculpted in layers of clothing, with hoods, gloves, etc.  



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2 hours ago, Xiwo Xerase said:

Midlam Miniatures did a set of warmly-dressed winter adventurers. None of them are specifically elves but they might still work.  (If they’re wearing a hat, would they look any different than a human?)

Those are the ones I also had in mind. The Winter Adventurers.



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The newest prepainted D&D mini set that came out 2 weeks ago is arctic themed. Granted, they’re painted, but I know lots of people will repaint or touch up such mini’s. 

The set is Rime of the Frostmaiden. You can see pics of the full set here:


Of primary note, there’s a female common and a similarly-sculpted androgynous uncommon with a raised hood. 

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Mantic's Northern Alliance army features some great fantasy barbarians dressed for cold weather. They're bundled up so warm against the cold that the only real difference between the men and the women is their heads. It would be easy to use one of the female heads to represent a beardless elf. One of the heads differs from the photograph. The bare female head actually has a kind of hat/loose hood on it covering most of the hair but you could easily change that with some putty work and paint.




They also come with options for spears.






Additionally they can be purchased with options for bows or two handed weapons but those are metal arms and do not come in the core unit box. The Northern Alliance army list also features ice elves and half elven berserkers. They have previously shown off sculpts for some of these but I think they're only available as part of a skirmish game bundle for now. Most of the northern elven units haven't been released yet. So far all we've got is the Ice Elf bolt thrower.



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      Finished my first mini this year, and oddly enough it was a speedpaint, taking just over an hour...

      On the flipside, some of those colours work together really, REALLY well, like Sunrise Orange and Heart Throb Paint.
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      I love me some weekend painting! 
      Got another one from the 90's batch of Ral Partha's.  This one is a Drow Elf.  Was feeling like trying some of the darker skin tones after watching another RVE on it.  Feels pretty good!
      * Skin combo: Black Brown, Black Red, Orange Red.  Used in conjunction with one another.  The highlights are still on the darker side, but you can still make out muscle and shape.  Win!
      *  Used copper/brown combo to bring this guy to life.  Feels very warm, but still needs some kind of "pop" color somewhere.  I tried to make that happen on the fletchings on the bolts, but feels like it needs more.
      *  Gradient work on the weapon.  I was trying to think of it radiating heat, since this is the underdark afterall.  I wasn't able to pull off a glowing effect or OSL, but it seems like it works.  
      *  The face - getting the mustache, side burns, and eyes to really pop was fun.  I feel VERY happy about the eyes.  
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      *  Questioning the color chosen for the sword.
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      *  Hair is still an area I struggle with.  I did 3 layers on this one.  Deep grey, light grey, white.  I feel it comes out strong, but not super good on showing definition or volume in the hair. 
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      I'm also curious to think of what kind of base to put this guy on.  Any thoughts?

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      I had started this meaning to use it for the reapercon quad color clash. But I took too long and then decided it need another 3 colors. So technically it's 7 color. Mint green vampire mist, dungeon grey, some old hd blue who's label fell off, carbon grey, shadowed stone, golden glow. 

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      Anyone have any useful leads on a set of elves in tribal garb?  I'm specifically looking for elves that would fit in a jungle, tropic, or coastal setting.  Not looking for heavy armor.  If there's some gender diversity in the set that's even more ideal.

      I could kit bash if needed, but trying to avoid that.  Also looking for things that would fit well in scale with Reaper Bones' offerings.

      Have I made this easy enough for you all?
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      I already have the human blacksmith, but I wanted another blacksmith.  Unfortunately I applied the paint to thick at parts (which didn't really help the fact that her face was kinda just a tiny glob already) but Ive got a wet palette that Ill be trying to use next time.  I'm also absolutely awful at painting female faces, they always look ridiculous once I paint them haha.  Anyways, and criticisms and advice are always welcome

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