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6 hours ago, Reverend Shartan said:
8 hours ago, Illithar said:

*Side note: is it possible at all to get Loot Studios stuff after month it was up for backers? I've never subscribed but I've seen some of their stuff that I wanted to pick up, they have an MMF store but it hasn't been updated in months.


Yes it is possible...at least through their site.


Say you have subscribed to their November fantasy release. Find the tab that says "Old Loots". It will list all the "packages" they have released. Click "get loot" or whatever it's called, and it's put into your account.


That being said, I'm not sure if you can do that without subscribing to the current release.....



Reverend Shartan


You can, but it is simply not worth it.  The current month (sub) is $15, old packs for subscribers are $30, while old packs for non-subscribers are $60.  It would be cheaper to subscribe and then by the prior pack at a discount.

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On 10/21/2021 at 10:08 PM, Gadgetman! said:

And the Signum guys took it one step further...  



Coming to your MMF library next week... if you've been a backer from the beginning...   




And now they've decided that those who've supported them from November also gets it.

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3 hours ago, Lidless Eye said:

Hasslefree just launched a Patreon for lessons and some of their digital sculpts, not much up yet:

What's the name? I search of Hasslefree on patreon returns nothing and I'm not seeing a link on their website yet...


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Glad I just did a 1 & done with both, MMM & DTL. This month's is nice, but nothing I'm really interested. I was kinda worried about the 5e sourcebook stuff as the link never went active, but I did get the MMF link. Adventure is interesting. I love that the vamsters can form a cyclone & attack multiple targets. :lol:

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I'm checking up on my usual suspects to see who I will throw money at this month.


Villages Hope is doing goddesses this month, and not even Asian ones.  The first five are up with more to come.




RAW has the actual models up for this month now.




RNEStudio is doing Soul Fighter... which I could care less about.  I could still use a number of them as PCs though.




Signum is bringing their new factions to Patreon. Unfortunately I'm not interested in most of these.




Kraken's Vault did something different for their statue this time and went pinup style. This witches apprentice needs more practice.




I think Glitter posted the preview for this, but here's the full assortment of Lord of the Print. I have no use for them, but like them enough I may go ahead and back anyway.




3dartdigital apparently had an issue with MMF.  Last month's upload was corrupted and they're trying to get it figured out. I'm not sure what the plan is for this month (other than monsters) but there's a pretty rockin' phoenix preview.




Daybreak Miniatures is doing an avian theme this month. I never use birds so I probably won't back, but I like their style.



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