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3D Printing Patreons

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The last few months I haven't pledged that much on patreon. With several months of hobby budget saved up maybe I'll channel my inner whale.


RNE - Still with the three small sets.






Creature Armory - Looks to have a set of minis rather than a larger scale figure.




Clay Cyanide - has a set of Valkyries.




3D Art Guy - back around to fantasy month. Here's the elf king.




Dragon Trappers Lodge - journeys through the astral sea.




Great Grimoire - only has their first figure posted. They also have a MMF campaign going.




Bite the Bullet - also doesn't have a lot posted yet. Eventually there will be more centaurs.




White Werewolf Tavern - heads into the woods.




MMM - wants to help you practice painting NMM




Lord of the Print - Mice, lots of mice.




Artisan Guild - has gnomes. I don't have a lot of gnome stls but I'm not sure I'm sold on this style.




Signum - has dark elves for their faction.




Titan Forge - has a vermin army. 




DM Stash - has a couple of dragons and dragon kin.




STL - has a D&D tribute going on.



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Wow, As some of you might know I have cancelled all patreons for a while since I'm dealing with some big purchases like Solar Panels/reroofing the house etc etc..


Now CastNPlay has given me a FREE Month on Tribes.

The Masks of Mikil...Aztec/Inca/Jungle stuff and some throwbacks I didn't have yet!


One happy Wolf!




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13 hours ago, Olaf the Stout said:

What did you get the free month from?


Same as @Lidless Eye got an invitation through MMF to get a free trial tribes from castNplay.

I have backed their Patreon a few times in the past and bought some of their stuff in the MMF store as well.


I think it's a random thing like a lottery... some people get it others don't

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