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Hmm, Ghamak's Patreon and Tribes are not in synch - so the Wild West Orkz that we got through their SF Patreon a few months ago are coming up as the April SF Tribe.

Not good for us - we already have them, but very nice for folks that want Wild West Orkz for 40K or Gorka Morka.

The Fantasy side are the Undead that we got from their Fantasy Patreon a few months ago - again, not good for us, but great for folks that might be interested, and missed them a few months back.





The Auld Grump

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To continue from the historic release I showed earlier. Here is the Medbury Miniatures Fantasy release.

Lost Kingdom Miniatures

Last Sword Miniatures, are doing a bretonian theme:

Clay Beast Creations has more of their woodland fae this month!

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Totally forgot that I had a free month of Tribes for Cast n Play this month due to backing their animal companions Frontier campaign and I forgot to cancel my Patreon membership.


I messaged them on Patreon and explained my mistake and they gave me a refund for this month’s Patreon, even though they didn’t have to.


I’ve been a Patron of them for a year now, as well as backing several of their Frontier campaigns. So I was already a fan of their work, but that response definitely makes me want to continue backing them.

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15 minutes ago, TheAuldGrump said:

The Artisan Guild dwarfs for April are really nice.


A wee bit large for dwarfs, but very, very nice.


The Auld Grump



That describes every AG release, I always do 90% but I think I've done their Dwarves at 85%

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