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You can do less with the sculpted pupils if you're trying for a fancy paintjob, since being recessed they're going to make colour and reflection placement a real bear.  However, if you're doing say a

OH. OH HAHA. I do not recommend googling MMF at work if you can't remember what it stands for in a website abbreviation and forgot that hobbies other than miniatures exist!!!

Ooh ooh! My husband has been supporting some of these patreons for a couple months now, so we can participate in this thread!   I've been loving a lot of the White Werewolf Tavern stuff. A

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51 minutes ago, KruleBear said:

 For what it is worth on MMF for black Friday the discount codes would not work on my iPad, but worked using the laptop. I assumed they have some type of bug in their mobile interface. 


I use my Laptop for everything, the Black Friday deals worked like a charm, but these don't, earlier a Rocketpigsale worked on all but the one item I wanted..

Got it in the BF sale after all.

No biggie, the sales come and go the whole time, it's just a bit strange and annoying at times.

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I rejoined the Hero Spawn Spot Patreon - they added some artillery to the dwarfs, which made it a solid choice.



Plus, I like the blandly cheerful expression on this dwarf -


No, he doesn't have an attitude problem, not at all, nor does his sister. And not a hint of a Prussian accent!




And these guys and gals might be useful in a full blown steampunk campaign -



His Patreon is currently paused - the dwarfs are from October, while Mr. Smiley was updated just a week ago.


Not quite as nice as the 18th Century Mages and their coach, but nice.


The Auld Grump.

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When you buy stuff on MMF it stays in your library and you van download it when you want.

Right now I tend to download it anyway and store it on my laptop and on an external HD.


I'm a bit afraid that I will lose my files when MMF goes out of business or decides to stop.

Is this a realistic possibility?

Or would they give us a chance to download all before such a thing happens?


What are your thoughts on this?

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