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You can do less with the sculpted pupils if you're trying for a fancy paintjob, since being recessed they're going to make colour and reflection placement a real bear.  However, if you're doing say a

Just an FYI, though it is not a Patreon, this seems like the best place; Dark Sword Miniatures now has STL files for sale on their website.  So far it is the minis from the Antimatter Games mini purch

Well, I think I hate you guys....spent first half of this vacation week downloading stl’s from the various Kickstarters and Patreon’s I have backed this past year.  About half way through I filled up

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15 hours ago, haldir said:

Unless something super gets revealed from Epic, they are gone off my list. I didn't buy the dino men from Reaper & I really don't want em from them either. ha ha.


I like the idea but I find the execution a bit lacking, I rather go for Snake/Lizard people.

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More Dino's and Lizards from Clay Beast Creation. Just found them, tempted to hop on for another Long Neck. Like the one from Mini Monster Mayhem, the platform is optional. Also, the chameleon style lizard men are neat.






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