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Anther bust Patreon: Eastman


His starter pack:



He also has quite a bit of free ones on myminifactory as well. Since they are licensed, I think he'd get in trouble if he charged for them.

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I really NEED to get some guys around here interested in something like 9th age so I can justify making a whole crapload of goblins....

That, or Lion Tower made a whole line of cocobo  Rokobo mounted knights that I would put out as Bretonian  Equantines in a heartbeat.  


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Full preview of Titan Forge for August, I am hoping there will be a version of the elephant without the armor and platform:


The whole set is pretty awesome, but this one is probably my favorite, it also has an unmasked version:



Also full preview of Cyberforge's space Egyptians/Stargate:


An actual stargate as terrain is included:


Also, they had some cheeky fun:



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1 hour ago, JoeGKushner said:


Well, guess I can pat myself on the back for this prediction back in January.


Yah & more or less pay now & see what you get for it system too.


Unless something I really want comes up, I will probably never use their crowdfunding system. I like having freedom of funds.

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I used MMF to back The Feywild from Iain Lovecraft. I won't do that again.


I don't like the MMF platform for "crowdfunding". Lack of communications in the first week, troublesome posts from backers and staff.....MMF and Indiegogo are ranked 1-2 for platforms I will not use in the future.  If I back a project, it will be by Kickstarter only (and yes, I realize they have issues as well, but they are far less worrisome than MMF)


Reverend Shartan

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On 7/24/2021 at 9:33 AM, haldir said:

Gotta love the "on" versions :poke:


Reminds me of the old 40k joke Kommandos or Scouts that were just a model train bush with a gun barrel sticking out.



6 hours ago, Illithar said:

I'm in for Heroes Infinite in August. Theme is 'Wizards Guild'.


well.... broccoli.....  those four are about to do it for me.....

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