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Paint won't stick...


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Right. This is getting ridiculous.


GW Dwarf Flesh paint. Thinned as per normal (ie: 'bout 60/40 with windex). Won't stick to figure. Pulls away from where it's been put and pools. Tried adding less extender (right up to the point of adding none, which of course gives an undesireable result...). The outcome after cajoling it with the brush, is powdery and harsh. Figure has been stripped and primed SEVEN TIMES now with no success.




Any tips?



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First of all are you using primer on your mini?


If you haven't washed that mini and primed it, that would be a good reason for it not sticking.


Personally the fact you are using GW paints might be part of the problem. I know several people through other boards who use them and they have mixed reviews on them and one did complain about the same problem you are having.


I would mix your paint up in the pot more thoroughly, and if you are really bent on using this particular color try a different kind of extender and flow improver. There is the possibility they are reacting funny with the GW paint.


I had a strange paint reaction once that I have not been able to duplicate and I still have no idea what caused it. I had regular black Delta ceramcoat paint. Added a few drops of Delta Ceramcoat flow improver and a few drops of water to it. Then before I mixed that in I added a few drops of Folk-Art extender. I literally watched as a black semi-hardened film of paint rose to the surface. I skimmed it off, and mixed the paint underneath it and it was fine.

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Sometimes paints react differently to different thinners. I know some Reaper paints react very badly to rubbing alcohol (turning into a spongy mass), and old GW paints (the vinyl stuff, now put out as Coat d' Arms) had the same reaction. And when I mean some, I mean SOME. Reaper Oiled Leather didn't have a bad reaction, but maroon did. I would look at the windex itself, and switch to pure water (I use distilled, no minerals). Have you tried that?



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