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Google Hangout (link and info)


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Current link:  https://hangouts.google.com/call/01uvpATfjyv_BtIQtxSxAAEE (Updated 1/24/18 by OneBoot)


If you are on an Android phone and get redirected to the Hangout app in the Google Play store instead of to the actual hangout, do the following to fix it:


1) Tap the hangout link, which will open the Google play store (for some reason)

2) Tap the three dots icon in the top right corner of the screen

3) Tap "Desktop site"

4) Ta-da! The hangout will open up in a browser window so you can actually use it.


Chatter / "I'm here" thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69075-google-hangouts-chatter-thread/


  • Are these hangouts sponsored by Reaper?
    • Reaper doesn't support or sponsor these hangouts! They're entirely set up and run by forumites on an informal basis.
  • What is a Google Hangout? And how do I set one up?
    • It's a group video/audio/text chat option, available for free. Basically, it's like Skype, but through a Google link. You can do voice and/or video. It works just fine on a smart phone or computer, platform independent. See https://hangouts.google.com/ for more information.
  • Why would I want to join a hangout?
    • Mostly just to be social. ::): It gives you a chance to chat with people while painting, and also gives you a chance to ask for immediate feedback as you're working (if you have a decent webcam or camera phone). Some of us have found it really helps motivate us to paint more!
  • Sounds great! What do I need?
    • To participate, all you need is a computer with a microphone and speakers. If you want to send out video (e.g. show off a mini you're working on) you'll need a webcam. Many external webcams seem to include microphones internally as well.
    • You can also participate from a smartphone or tablet! On Android and iOS, there's a Hangouts app available.
  • How do I join one of these?
    • Go to your computer or smartphone or tablet or other device that has a microphone and/or camera, and click the link posted at the top. It should take you to either the Hangouts app or to a webpage; either way, you should be given the option to join the Hangout.
  • Anything else I should know?
    • Look for options to turn off your video feed (in case you don't want to send out a live stream of what you look like) and especially for the microphone mute button. That way, if you're having a conversation with someone in real life, or yelling at dogs that are trying to eat your paint, or whatever else, you won't have everyone on the Hangout listening in. ::): It's also courteous to the folks on the Hangout - it generally doesn't work to have more than one person talking at a time, and if you're flooding the Hangout with the sound of you yelling at your dog, it means no-one else can ask for help with their color selection or whatever else they might need.


Since Reaper doesn't endorse, sponsor, or otherwise support the hangouts, the Reaper Forum rules aren't necessarily applied. This may mean that you hear inappropriate language. If someone's painting a mini with impractical clothing, you may see bits that aren't normally allowed to be shown directly on the forum. Etc. We try to keep the atmosphere welcoming and friendly but it's possible people will slip, especially if they don't realize someone new has jumped in. Although forum rules aren't necessarily applied, it's probably wise to pretend that you're still on the forums for the most part - try to avoid swearing, try to avoid politics & religion, etc. The forums are incredibly friendly and welcoming, it'd be nice to keep the same atmosphere when we're on a hangout. ::):


NEWBIES ARE WELCOME. Don't be afraid to hop on and introduce yourself!

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