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Discord (links and info)


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Reaper Miniatures (Reaper's official Discord server): https://discord.gg/sSbVPdS

Major Mini Shenanigans (unofficial Reaper fans Discord server): https://discord.gg/KPKrx2z


Reaper Miniatures is Reaper's official Discord server. Here you will find announcements, contests, social media links, chat rooms, and places to post pictures, questions and general silliness.

Major Mini Shenanigans is the unofficial Reaper fan server. Reaper is not responsible for this server, it is simply a fan-made place to hang out.



What is Discord?


It is sort of like a combination of Google Hangouts and Facebook. There is a video/voice chat area (like Hangouts), and also various chat rooms for different topics where you can react to others' posts, quote replies and attach pictures (like Facebook). It can be downloaded to either a computer or a smartphone/tablet, or it can be run in a browser.

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