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Maledrakh's Nolzurs Displacer Beast, Grell, Basilisk

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Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures still make some great D&D monsters, here are three more:



Wave 1: Displacer Beast

200925-nolzurs-w1-displacer-beast-3.jpg? 200925-nolzurs-w1-displacer-beast-1.jpg?  200925-nolzurs-w1-displacer-beast-4.jpg? 200925-nolzurs-w1-displacer-beast-1.jpg? 200925-nolzurs-w1-displacer-beast-9.jpg? 200925-nolzurs-w1-displacer-beast-8.jpg? 200925-nolzurs-w1-displacer-beast-7.jpg? 200925-nolzurs-w1-displacer-beast-6.jpg?

The Displacer Beast is one of the iconic D&D monsters, described as a six legged panther with a pair of enormous tentacles growing out of it's back.  If that is not bad enough, the schtick of this beast is that is displaces.  This is an ability that makes it appear as it is a few feet off from where it actually is, so while the party are slashing at the image in thin air, the beast invisibly outflanks them with it's powerful claws and massive bite attack coming from seemingly out of nowhere.


Where are the mirrors I need to start breaking?

I rebased it on a 40mm round. This is a Wave 1 mini, released a few years ago. The tentacles needed repositioning using the  hot water/cold water technique.


Wave 11: Grell & Basilisk


200925-nolzurs-w11-grell-1.jpg?w=300 200925-nolzurs-w11-grell-2.jpg?w=300 200925-nolzurs-w11-grell-3.jpg?w=300 200925-nolzurs-w11-grell-7.jpg?w=300 200925-nolzurs-w11-grell-4.jpg?w=300 200925-nolzurs-w11-grell-5.jpg?w=300 200925-nolzurs-w11-grell-6.jpg?w=300

Who names these monsters? Grell?  What kind of a name is that? This is obviously the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

The tentacles did not turn out all that well. The purple was too strong compared to the other colours and dried too fast to blend. Bah!

Check out the big brain on Brett!

40mm base.


And in the same pack as the Grell, a Basilisk:

200925-nolzurs-w11-basilisk-1.jpg?w=300 200925-nolzurs-w11-basilisk-6.jpg?w=294 200925-nolzurs-w11-basilisk-5.jpg?w=251 200925-nolzurs-w11-basilisk-4.jpg?w=205 200925-nolzurs-w11-basilisk-3.jpg?w=287  200925-nolzurs-w11-basilisk-2.jpg?w=202

This one was significantly smaller than I expected. Please disregard the piece of flock-fluff on it's right side middle. This is a loose particle I did not see was stuck there until after the pictures were taken. I just cannot be bothered with taking new ones.


Nice doggie?

30mm x 20mm oval base.



Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures


I have no idea who sculpted these, as WizKids do not -as far as I know- publish this info.


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