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Dual Extrusion

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Has anyone here experimented with dual extruder setups or multimaterial setups?  I've done the 'swap color at layer height' thing a few times but I would love to do more.  

It seems like adding on a second extruder and a dual input print head wouldn't be too hard (looking at the e3d cyclops as a front runner) would be the simplest way to do it, though that feeds both filaments into the same hotend, That means prints using two colors will require a wipe tower (which uses a lot of extra plastic) and isn't super friendly for using different materials, especially when those they have different extrusion temperatures.


To use a support material, I'd really need to look at a dual printhead printer, but most of those are expensive.  I've found a few that aren't too bad, but I'm having trouble finding a lot of available information on the frontrunner on the great river, the Tenlog Hands 2, which seems positively reviewed but always with the caveat 'you'll have to spend a lot of time tuning it'.  I know how long I've spent tuning my ender is  a lot more than what many spend, but it's possible to spend a lot more, and I'm not sure how that translates.


Mosaic Palette is also an interesting choice, but it's more expensive than the ender I have and not really worth it.

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