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So since my other project is put on hold I decided to try a new project, the Merman from Black Sun Mininatures. 




Since this is a bit of a side project I decided I want to try a couple things that I normally shy away from. 

1.  I want to increase my speed. I only paint for fun and as a hobby so time isn't really an issue but it would be nice to be able to increase my speed more to get more projects done.  

2.  I am trying a different lighting angle.  Normally do the light source from directly above but this time I am trying it from off to the side.  On those same lines I want to try and let my zenithal priming do more work for me.  

3.  (This one came up after I had the model based and primed) I want to try some "sculpting".  Now this is the most basic of sculpting. I made some coral and a starfish that I think came out ok but was not true sxulpting by any means. 




Here is some of the "sculpting" I did.  I'm not sure how the aquarium plants will work but I bought them awhile ago and have wanted to try them.  In the middle of sculpting them I realized I would need to form them to the base and I like the way they look so far.  The only problem is I have knocked them off a couple times while painting. 


As far as painting I have only got one coat done on the skin. 




C&C is really appreciated! 



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Liking it. For the plants if you have thick enough ends you could try pinning them with real thin wire. May help out with the structure. I like the shapes you went with for with the coral. 

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