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INKtober 2020 / DRAWlloween / DrawnToFantober

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Day 1:

Prompt from D&D List, Abberations:




I really rushed the detailing stage, so it is a bit of a hot mess.  I spent less than 30 minutes on it, and it shows.  I hope I'll be able to find more time in the future, but hey, I got it done and inked.

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Day 3:     I hear someone also slipped in some W&Ws.

Prompt Carvings Hashtag #Drawtober Title INKTOBER 2020 Day 3   (Three Menhirs in a field under a Harvest Moon)

Here's this week's drawing. Not what any of my original sketches were, but it's what happened when I sat down, a mix between Fish and Witch.   Ink & Copics  

Posted Images

I wanted to combine Fungus and Goblin together in the first drawing. But, I could only lay my hands on a graph paper pad when I had a chance to draw. So, I ended up going with a different idea. 


Prompt Fungus

Hashtag #Drawntofantober

Title Fungal Forest

Day 1

(...a partial dungeon map, showing a room  from an abandoned dwarven amethyst mine, where some unknown species of Shroom Life is taking over...)

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So I thought a lot about this and decided that I don't have the time that I would like to devote to this on a daily basis, so I wanted to share with y'all what my plans for the way I'm participating will be, because I do what I want. ::P: So if anyone else was feeling like they want to participate but literally can't even with devoting daily or even every other day participation, I really want to encourage you to find something that works for you.

So yesterday, I took the prompts that I was interested in and did really quick and literally terrible sketches in a small sketchbook that I have for ideas and notes while I'm at the office, just to brainstorm and get the ideas on paper. If I never re-sketch and refine those drawings and therefore never feel comfortable showing them off, that's totally ok. I don't owe anyone anything.

My intention from there is to see what inspires me either on evenings where I have more time/motivation or on the weekends and put more effort in then. My goal is to do at least one prompt per week that I consider to be "presentable" because trying to force myself to either post something I'm not proud of or force myself to try to devote time that I don't actually have, that's just going to stress me out and I like to introduce as little stress into my hobbies as possible. So, yeah, I just wanted to give you my thoughts since I hadn't given you any drawings. ^_^

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*snrk* I like that one.


Alright. Usual disclaimer and rules and guidelines..

Inktober 03: "Think I'm Gonna Need A Bigger Broom". Prompts; Bulky, Witch, Ungapatchka, Cone. Mixed Media (watercolour, ink) on 140lb coldpress.03Witch.thumb.jpg.1af84b00a056ee66899f34da29ae0058.jpg



As much as I had a good time with that, I'm pretty sure the pants are NOT POOFY ENOUGH. Eh. Next time ...


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    • By TGP
      Some of us on the Forums participated in an event called Inktober. One of the Prompt Words was Dragon. So for the 12th  of October I did a Dragon. I took Work in Progress pictures, so I thought it might be fun to post them in the WIP section. (Finally getting around to posting them three months on.)
      I posted some free advice about using ink markers in the Inktober thread and I followed some of my own advice to draw this. Trying to figure out how to quote that post...but it is not allowing it for unknown reasons. (First save)
      There it is ^ I had to save; do a second post; which merged with the first post; and then edit. 
      Right then, on with it, following my own advice... 
      Step 1
      Grab a mechanical pencil and outline the basic area where the Dragon is going to be. Mostly, this step is to make sure that the drawing doesn't run off the edge of the paper. But, there are a few key details like the eye location... the jaw...
      There is no pic for this step. Sorry. It didn’t occur to me to do a step-by-step and the pencil lines were so faint because I used such a hard grade of lead it probably wouldn’t have shown up in the photo. 
      # TGPTGP
    • By SamuraiJack
      they had this under 'Illustrations' and not gaming so I dont think a many people saw it..  get your Latorre busts while you can..  3 days left
      Hello everybody,
      We want to introduce you to Iván Sánchez, aka “Blocsanchez”, one of the members of HeraModels. We are thrilled to share with you his first sketchbook “Wasteland”. Within the last year, Iván has been working in the content of this book what wasn't easy to combine with his daily work of miniature concept artist in our small study. Iván is very passionate about traditional drawing, that is the reason why every design in this book is a pencil sketch except for the cover that is digital.
      With this and our future projects, our objective is to create an editorial line of fantastic art. We decided we didn't want a typical sketchbook, collecting drawings from forgotten notebooks where you can find all types of characters; we wanted to make something personal and with an argumental line.
      Then, after a lot of thinking, we decided to make a book collection of different races. “Wastelands” is the first chapter of the collection and embodies illustrations and sketches of barbaric warriors of the barren lands.
      Original Art of "Wastelands" example for pledges #5 & #6  The original book contains 48 pages but with your help we hope this number keeps increasing. We have selected the best designs with more than 50 characters and we hope all of them can be published in the book. We want the book to be handy and user friendly that is why its size is 17x24cm (6,7”x9,5”). Through the campaign, we will unlock different rewards that will make possible to increase the number of pages of this book and will vive you the possibility to get exclusive products only in Kickstarters. In this campaign, you´ll not only get our sketchbook “Wastelands”, it will be possible to choose the option to get an original sketch made by Ivan inside your book or to get one of the original illustrations printed on it. Later we will explain the campaign more widely.
      Original Sketch example for pledges #3 & #4  Later on we will explain every detail of the content in each pledge to make sure that you get what you really want. Besides, while the campaign goes on and we unlock other products we will update the content of each pledge.
        For those who have chosen pledge #5 or #6 you could choose between one of the following original illustrations, you just need to send us an email echen you make the reservation with the number of the illustration that you prefer. You can see the images in a bigger size in our website .
      Original Art of "Wastelands" for pledges #5 & #6
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