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Baby Bestiary 2021 Calendar


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In case any D&D/Fantasy folks need a cute calendar for 2021:




f75f290987489c5f0e1ceaeb17b2095c_origina Owlbear cubs

The Baby Bestiary 7th Annual Calendar

Each year, since the inception of the Baby Bestiary, we've put together an annual calendar featuring a new talented artist to illustrate to bring to life our adorable calendar.

With a different artist, we can explore the adorable through their eyes, see them experiment with new styles and interpretations of what the Baby Bestiary means to them. With every passing year, we’ve had amazing pieces that have resonated with our community.

Artist Feature: Kelsey

Hi everyone! My name is Kelsey, also known around the internet as Keymonster or just Key. I am a full-time, freelance artist and illustrator working out of the Pacific Northwest. My creative passions center around animals, plants and the fantastical worlds they exist in. I love creating plant/animal hybrids and integrating botanical motifs and imagery into the worlds that I build as well as creating adorable little creatures of all shapes and sizes getting into a bunch of mischief.



Features for 2021

This year we're launching a little late but we've had April start working on the pieces already and we're on track to finish the calendars on time!

  • Blink Dog and Phase Kitten playing 
  • Catsith in the dark
  • Couatls neonates hatching
  • Dryad child and botanical elm kittens
  • Fairy Dragon
  • Young Gnoll gnawing on a bone
  • Griffons snuggling in the newt
  • Horsies: a nightmare, unicorn and kelpie hanging out
  • Jackalopes peeking out of the hole
  • Kitsune pup proudly carrying a cherry blossom brach
  • Owlbear cubs climbing a pine tree
  • Phoenix chick going after lava snails
  • Yakul resting with kotodamas
e49652dedd24a678ca1f4cac2757b914_origina Griffon Floof
9dc79328ef2dc7cad3df856de58851fb_origina Farie Dragon

Dates for 2021

We try to promote and celebrate diversity, and thus in our calendar, we include a number of dates and holidays that would be appreciated by everyone, including bringing attention to lesser-known cultural and religious holidays, in addition to some geeky need-to-knows :)

Note: *this list does not include standard US holidays/dates which are included in the calendar.

  •  Birthdays: JRR Tolkein, Sir Issac Newton, Hayao Miyazaki, Sir Charles, Douglas Adams, Charles Darwin, Leonard Nimoy, Nikola Tesla, Robin Williams, Ed GreenWood, Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson, Shigeru Miyamoto, Stan Lee
  •  Events: Awesome Games Done Quick, Read an RPG Book in public, GDC, EGX Rezzed Expo, GenCon, UK Games Expo, GamesCom, Dragon Con
  •  Gaming: Legend of Zelda release, Star Wars Day, Geek Pride Day, International Tabletop Day, Free RPG Day, Dark Souls Release,
  •  Cultural/Regional/Religious: Makar Sankranti, Chinese New Year, White Day, Mothering Day, Qingming Festival, Black Day, International Workers’ Day,  Juneteenth, Constitution Day (Japan), Ramadan, Cinco de Mayo, Vesak, Lailat al-Qadr, Dragon Boat Festival, Midsummer’s Eve, Canada Day. Bastille Day, Qixi Festival, Respect for the Aged Day, Oktoberfest, Dussehra, Leif Erikson Day, Sukkot, Double Ninth Festival, Diwali, Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos, Guy Fawkes Night, Australia Day, Isra and Mi’raj, Passover, Easter Sunday, Feast of Sacrifice, Muharram, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Hanukkah, 

If you have any suggestions to add to the list, feel free to let us know!

25c8fdb5c7d721e80aeed0292257f23c_origina Calendar layout and events (from last the 2020 calendar)
62240f9ca195ab47c942b30c2c222773_origina Nightmare, Unicorn, and Kelpie foals
1172a400672bb7e02821cca9d088f342_origina Yakul foal and kotodamas

Backer Levels

All backers will get their name in the Backer credits of the Calendar

  •  $5 - PDF of the Calendar: Get the PDF of the 2021 Baby bestiary Calendar
  •  $15 - Print Calendar + PDF: Get the PDF and one Print 2021 calendar.
  •  $25 - Print Calendar x2 + PDF: Get the PDF and two Print 2021 calendars.
  •  $40 - Print Calendar x4 + PDF: Get the PDF and four Print 2021 calendars
82d165109976462c2083197cbdb333d1_origina Couatl Neonates
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