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For when your heroes are slightly less than heroic?




Welcome to the 2nd release of Fatal Fantasy! 

  • Edit (29/09/2020) NEW Painted pictures in Gallery and Stretch Goal Update.
  • Edit (12/09/2020) NEW Stretch Goal section added!
  • Edit (21/09/2020) NEW Add-ons added!


This project brings you 23 new fantasy casualties for use in your tabletop wargames or board games. 

You'll find close-ups and measurements in 'The Miniatures' section, please also take a look at the contents of the 'Pledges' section and the details in the 'Shipping' section. Excellent painted examples by the talented Paul Allen from 'Toomuchdevlan' and Russ Painting are dotted between the sections with more in the 'Gallery'.

The original sculpts and metal production moulds have been finished and tested in advance so metal miniatures will be ready to ship as soon as the funding period is ended in mid-October.

I have included a resin option for the casualty bases too - this is to give backers outside of the UK, a cheaper shipping option. However, the resin casualty casts won't be ready until mid-November. (International backers can also choose metal but the shipping costs will be very high due to the weight of the miniatures). I've deliberately kept the resin availabilty low - this is to make sure there are no delays due to casting lead time. If the casting gets ahead of schedule, I will add further resin availabilty.

In the add-ons section, you'll find the previous Fatal Fantasy casualties, Fantasy Fighters and also some NEW Ye Alchemist sculpts. These miniatures are all METAL and have had the moulds tested.

This is my 5th project so I am experienced in reward completion and delivery. 

72f78a5040cd175c1a97c87dc4d58c05_origina Slain Mimic sculpted by Aaron Howdle

The 23 core miniatures were originally designed and sculpted by Christian Af Bjärgö and Aaron Howdle. 

Measurements are in green, alongside the pictures below.

4c7c4903daa3382421171aa7d2eba350_origina Beholder - sculpted by Aaron Howdle. (Resin Only)
3b2e29a2b74c67b5c354fcea0937f6ee_origina Slain Mimic - sculpted by Aaron Howdle. (Resin Only)

To pledge simply choose which reward you would like. If you would like any 'add ons', then add the extra value of the 'add ons' to the total.

There are 5 main pledges available:

I want it ALL! 

(Passed stretch goals mean backers now get an EXTRA 3 FREE BASES AND A FREE DWARF EXPLORER with this pledge) 

This pledge contains the Beholder and Mimic. 27 Miniatures for £65 There are a number of resin sets available for international backers to try to minimise shipping costs. 

The Metal/Resin pledge is a 550g small parcel for shipping purposes.

The Resin only pledge is a 150g small parcel for shipping purposes.

79eca9c5c0c97e61f6471c693af5836e_origina Available in resin (Outside UK) or resin/metal mix (Worldwide)

I (nearly) want it all!

(Passed stretch goals mean backers now get an EXTRA 3 FREE BASES AND A FREE DWARF EXPLORER with this pledge)

This pledge includes 25 models as shown below and costs £53.

There are 20 resin sets available for international backers and unlimited metal sets available for backers world-wide. 

The Metal pledge is a 513g large letter for shipping purposes.

The Resin pledge is a 105g large letter for shipping purposes

f259602ebf551d96e863f739bf7399a9_origina Available in resin (outside UK) & metal (worldwide).

Base Pledge 1 .

This pledge comes with a free extra casualty OR a halfling explorer with attack Guinea pig!

This pledge is for 7 casualty bases, sculpted by Christian Af Bjargo. This pledge comes in white metal and is available worldwide. This pledge is £21. 

This metal pledge is a 230g large letter for shipping purposes.

f477fab3a7016bb16a7c5ac570aa78e2_origina Available in metal only.
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