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Halloween 2020 Horror Movie (and etc) Thread


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On 10/30/2020 at 6:59 PM, ManvsMini said:

I went back through the thread, and unless I missed them (entirely possible) we've tragically left some off the list!

1) The Lost Boys

2) Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

3) Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood


I think I will watch the TftC movies today/tonight, but which to watch first? I'm leaning towards Demon Knight because of William Sadler and Billy Zane. Bordello of Blood wasn't as good to me.


We watched The Lost Boys yesterday, along with Trick r Treat. Tonight was the original Halloween, along with the sequel from 2018. 


We watched a lot of horror this month and I'm pretty sure my housemate is done with the scary stuff for a while. They'll be in charge of the movies for the next wee while, so I see a lot of Sci- Fi in our future. 


I wonder if I can slip Alien or Event Horizon into the list :ph34r:



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Over the weekend I watched my usual Night of the Living Dead (riff version). Original is my favorite, but I need to find an option for the remake, it's at least as good as the original. Love both. I usually watch the original, as it, along with Return, were staples in the band house. Bugged that the riffers used the colorized edition, but it's a nice change of pace.


I also watched some classic horror, TCM was running a ton of great stuff and I loaded up the DVR. Lots of Hammer stuff, tons of Legosi and Lee. Even got the fiancee into some of them, and she hates horror and dislikes old movies (though she's quickly becoming a fan now that she's actually watching some classics). I sort-of watched 28 Days Later and feel it has not aged well at all.


There were a couple I was going to get back to, but the mood wasn't right for horror, overall. Session 9 is one of my favorites, so darned good.

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