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ReaperLive 10-1-20

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Ed - paint talk, submitting kickstarter numbers. Discussed incremental shipping charges to added orders in the KS. 
Clarified what the Dec.1st substitutions comment about the kickstarter meant.
planning episode 100 - BIG (dont want to miss it)
Halloween employee fun

Dave - Memes, new dog, and talked about the city finally approving some plans for the new buildings.

Ron - Front page update- gonna stay on top of it. pirate ship with the reaper, all grim reapers in glow in the dark. DONE WITH THE PLEDGE MANAGER! (no more addons)
Deathrattle Ballista, Chronoscope 8 zombies and trailer.
Working on a new preview feature for the 12 days on the website.

Sadie - cleaned the painting area. getting ready for black Friday and christmas.

Jon  - points system being worked on, making progress! / ReapToberContest/ Pathfinder contest! (find these in the contest section of the forums.)
Showcase submissions being sorted and uploaded as soon as they are ready. VERY SOON!

chronoscope expansion.JPG

Deathrattle ballista 2.JPG

Deathrattle ballista.JPG

High claire castle - Honey.JPG

new waterline from the city.JPG

Sir barren Freebie model!.JPG



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