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Speedpaint Sascha Dubois - from Reapercon 2020


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Here is the outcome of the 2hr speedpaint class - other than fixing her base and about 15 mins of touchup I did not do more - so many others got a better end product, but she'll do for my tabletop and wow was that fast for me! And value per minutes was certainty higher! The gems are because I messed up the base and did not have time to fix before class.


80004Sascha Dubois_front.JPG

80004Sascha Duboisback.JPG

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1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:

I agree.

Did you also make the base at Reapercon?


I made the base the night before as I did it out of greenstuff - and then realized I made a big hole! But it was the day of the class, so I just went with it and afterwords glued on the gems - now I absolutely have to invent a situation in my kids game for the figure!

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    • By Fire_Eyes
      I decided that with my Bones 4 refrigerator box looming on the horizon, I should just get some of my old Bones painted. I knew I wouldn't devote the time to getting any of these ultra pretty, so they had just been sitting in a bag unless I needed to throw some placeholders on the map during a game. One Sunday, I powered through as many as I could just to get them done.
      Vandorendra (NSFW)


      Funnily enough, I was just as proud of some of these as some of the nicer paint jobs I've done, since I was able to let go and just let them be imperfect, and they were done and out of my to be painted pile. 
    • By Chris Palmer
      This past weekend, I completed the Sascha Dubois figure that I have been posting about in the Work in Progress forum:
      For those who haven't read that thread, my goal was to convert this futurisitc Science Fiction figure into a fantasy magic-user type to serve as my Chronomancer's Apprentice for my Frostgrave games.
      While not the greatest paint job, it is one of the best I've done for a figure destined to be a game piece, and not one for display.  

      IMG_5581 by cnjpalmer, on Flickr

      IMG_5582 by cnjpalmer, on Flickr


      I even attempted to paint the hands on her magic  pocket watch.   
      IMG_5590 by cnjpalmer, on Flickr
    • By Chris Palmer
      When I recently looked at the Sascha Dubois figure I got in my Bones I Kickstarter I really liked the look of her coat, and it reminded me very much of an 18th century officer's coat.  This made me think of the Elquin High Elf Adventurer figure  I had painted a little while ago, which I painted as wearing a 19th century uniform and overcoat.  I intend at some point to get another Elquin and paint him again, this time with a snow base, as a Chronomancer for my Frostgrave games, and it seemed to me that Sascha in her coat from the 1700s might be perfect to be the Chronomancer's apprentice.  The idea of them traveling in time, and picking up articles of clothing from different eras, really appeals to me.

           While I liked the blend of the old fashioned coat and the futuristic bit and bobs on her outfit, I thought the laser pistol at her side might be too much. This, combined with the fact I wanted to include something that might tie her to a medieval-like fantasy world a little more, gave me the idea to replace the pistol with a sword.  So, I set about doing the conversion.

            I found a suitable donor among my extra figures, and then cut off one of its swords (It was wielding two), and trimmed away the hand that was on its hilt.  I then cut the sword into three sections, as I wanted it to fit in the crease between Sascha's outer thigh and her coat where her pistol had been, and I wanted the tip to stick out under the back bottom of the coat. I also trimmed part of the hilt's cross-guard away, so it would fit up against her hand. I then cut away Sascha's pistol at this point; and trimmed off the blocky parts sculpted on the front of her boots, as I felt they made her footwear look too modern. Lastly, I trimmed the communicator in her hand to attempt to make it look more like a pocket watch.    


      I then superglued the parts of the sword in place.


      This left me with a gap between the sword and her coat and thigh, and her hand and the cross-guard. So I used some Milliput I had on hand and filled the gap between her sword, coat and thigh, and then attempted to resculpt the hand so it looked more like it was resting on the cross-guard of the sword. 




           I'm not a great sculptor, and the close confines of where the hand was located made it difficult to work on, but hopefully it is good enough that paint will hide a multitude of sins.    And,  it is intended as a gaming piece, not a display figure so I think I can let some rough bits slide.

       So, now I will let it sit for a little bit so everything is good and dry, then I will do some final trimming and filing to get everything shipshape.  

          I'm not sure what color I will paint her coat at this point; British scarlet? Russian green? Austrian White?  I'll have to do some thinking.

    • By Slendertroll
      Intended to be part of an as-yet-uncompleted diorama, this is my entry for the Trash It! contest. Apologies that some of the photos got a little washed out; these are the best of the lot. I'm pretty proud of this one; her face in particular turned out much better than previous ones.

    • By Citrine
      Here is Sascha Dubois (Bones 80004) I recently painted up for 50 Fathoms.  I downplayed the sci-fi parts in this paint job, and I think she works as a navigator or officer on a pirate ship.

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