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Grick & Grick Alpha

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My cousin came over to paint a Bones mini I had laying around to be his new (temporary?) character, as he was slain at the end of the last session.  I decided to pull out the Nolzur’s Grick pack to paint something easy while half entertaining him. 

I just used two colors so far, Vallejo Green Brown for the belly and sucker “underside” of its face tentacles, and Reaper Troll Hide, both thinned 1:1 with Vallejo Thinner Medium, and a damp brush. Both colors went onto the smaller Grick like butter, and produced a wonderfully highlighted and shaded effect on their own. 

Sadly I got interrupted by life, and the paint was drying well out by the time I got back (I had put my palette in a ziplock bag, but still...) so I just used the VMC Green Brown that remained to touch up the smaller one, and start on the large one. I also mixed up a small bit of the Troll Hide again, to touch up a few remaining spots on the smaller aberration. But I’m beat, so enough painting for tonight. 

Going forward I plan to do the beak with Reaper Coal Black, which I’ve not had opportunity to make use of, yet. Plus I’ll put some Citadel Screamer Pink in for the mucosa of the mouth. 







Since the paint was acting so wonderfully as a wash, any spots I had to touch back up that resulted in darker splotches, I just mirrored on the opposite side, making that part of his skin pattern. I’m quite pleased with how it’s turning out, and it was ridiculously easy for a great tabletop standard. I need to do more monsters like this. 

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Covid long hauler / chronic fatigue syndrome kept me away from the painting desk for a long time. Thankfully the vaccine has really helped me on my way to recovery; I feel ten times better than I did 5 weeks ago. 

I woke up at midnight tonight, and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I went downstairs and finished these guys up. 

The big Grick followed the same paint scheme as the smaller one. VMC Green Brown, thinned 1:1 with Vallejo thinner medium, and Reaper Troll Hide, this time closer to a 2:1 ratio of paint to thinner. 

The fleshy bits at the corners of the beak, and the inside of the mouth, are primarily a 2:1:1 mixture of Reaper Brains Pink, VMC Blue Violet, and Vallejo Thinner medium. Then I washed the insides of the mouths with the same concoction, but with a bit of Citadel Screamer Pink added in, a bit more each time, to darken toward a deep pink for the back of the throat. 

The beaks are painted with Reaper Coal Black, and the bases are mainly just a wash with a 1:1 mix of Vallejo Model Color Neutral Grey and thinner medium. 

Sorry the light isn’t the best for the pictures. 






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4 hours ago, haldir said:

Grick Alpha for what it is, is one nasty critter in 5e.


Lovely shades, great work!!

I expect it to be nasty for my 3.5 game as well. A regular Grick is only CR 3.  Thanks to 3e’s advancement rules, I can add 3 HD, making it Large (which adds a whole host of bonuses), and only add +1 to its CR. 😈

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