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Building a Photo Lightbox in a Bookshelf - Advice Needed

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Hi all.  I recently acquired a few bookshelves which have become the new home for my miniatures and gaming materials. The shelves came with a good out section in the middle and I think it might be the perfect place for a photo set-up.




I currently use a white sheet of cardstock as an infinite backdrop with the two 1520 lumens daylight LEDs that I use for painting and a light source from either side.  It works well enough but it's just inconvenient enough to set up that I'm looking for change.


I figure now is a great time for an upgrade.




I'm thinking I've never really worked with lighting and anything electrical so I think that's mostly where I need guidance. I'm hoping I can fasten some LED strips to the walls and top and then run the wiring out that hole that was conveniently cut out of the back. 


Other than that, I'm thinking I can just tape in a sheet of white poster paper and swap it out if it starts to get too beat up. If I'm really lucky, there will still be room inside to store my camera bag.


I also am wondering if some kind of diffusion will be necessary or if the LED strips will have a general enough soft light on their own. 


I also have to be mindful of wall placement because the arms of the "door" brush against the wall about midway when closed. 


For the curious, the shelf is about 14" deep, 13" high, and 25" across. And the open "door" is about 14"


Thoughts/advice of any kind are welcome!




As a side note, if the LEDs work well here, Iight try swapping out the old lights in the display cabinets up top. They are a gross old orange color. 

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9 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

did you ever manage to make any progress on this?

Not yet. Did some preliminary research on LED lights. Can't recall it at the moment but saved some information. There's a surprising amount of different specs you can find in LEDs and unfortunately the cheap consumer ones aren't a great option for a photo box.


Will definitely update here when I have something to update about though!


Thanks for asking, it's motivating to know someone was interested!

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      2 - Piece of paper hangs like a curtain that keeps bounce light inside as much as possible.  easily replaceable.

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      4 - Because the new box is much smaller, I cant put LED work lights inside the box, but still want them to shine from the inside.  4 pushpins, 2 for left 2 for right side to hang the lights on, shining inside the box but away from the model.

      5 - all done!

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      This is exactly why I would 100 times out of 100 take a poorly glued at the factory mini. It's effectively wasted money for me, because I can't do anything with it.

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