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Got sent home from work early due to a Snow Storm advisory. After taking 30minutes to crawl home on what is usually a 10 minute commute, I came home to a happy little package from @NecroMancer




The box was packed with so many wonderful goodies. I'll look at them all closer below the spoiler, but the short if it is I love it all. The painted mini was made with fantastic attention to detail, the unpainted minis all have a use in my games. Extra basing is never a bad thing. The d20 is appropriately themed. And I've already torn into the candy.



The card gave me a good laugh and was very sincere. It told me to look at the items first - so I did - then I came back to finish it. There was a lot written so I've got a lot to say in response. 



The crown jewel of the box is this beautiful painted Wrath of Kings mini. It fits in perfectly with the nautical campaign I've been working on and has some wonderful details! Look at that crashing waves! Ariel has some steep competition.




Accompanying the painted king is another WoK mini that appears to be a sharkman. I recently received a set of WoK Pit Fighters that are nearly all sharkmen so this guy fits in great!




Continuing the shark theme is a Zombie shark. I think I've got one of these guys swimming around in my Bones 4 pile, but two sharks are always better than one. Tempted to get a third to round it out. 




Last aquatic themed item is this coral golem. A classic option that's been on my list for awhile. Glad to finally have it!




This Fire Giant King breaks the aquatic theme and strays more into my Frostrun campaign world. A winter campaign set in a realm of giants. I've yet to receive any of the new Huge Giants from Reaper and this is an excellent first entry.




Got a bag full of ceramic basing materials. The big one may have cracked in shipping but I likely would have to break it up to use anyways. The smaller stones would have been perfect two days ago while looking for something to fill an awkward gap on another project. 




These tufts are absolutely gorgeous. I am going to be hesitant to use them on anything as I don't want them to run out. These were a pleasant surprise!




Got a hefty d20 that is appropriately themed for either my winter or nautical campaign.




And lastly are some bags of candy. I am quite pleased with these and have already helped my self to more kitkats than I should have for someone who hasn't eaten lunch yet. 



This was a lovely gift and a good motivator for me to finish getting my gift ready to send out.

Thank you again NecroMancer!

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Got a package of awesomeness from @Exsturminator  

After tracking showed that my package had arrived in Australia, then left and went to Tokyo, then left Tokyo and came back to Australia, it's here!   Thank you so much @rubegon! The two pain

I finished my mini tonight, so yay, better than last year.  The problem is that my master plan was to 3d print a cool base, but my printer appears to have missed its projected ship date.  So I'll give

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My life has been way too busy!  First package just needs to be boxed and I hope to get it out today (only a week later than I hoped) second one is base coated and hopefully will be finished and shipped before Christmas. 


All the goodies look gorgeous!  Many thanks and a lot of appreciation to everyone who got theirs out early!

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I finished my mini tonight, so yay, better than last year.  The problem is that my master plan was to 3d print a cool base, but my printer appears to have missed its projected ship date.  So I'll give it until after Christmas to get in the mail, and if it doesn't I'll have to make a less cool base on my own.  Either way I won't have it out by the 29th, so I'm going to go ahead and post my "WIP" of the finished product.  But no peeking at presents before Christmas!









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I have had a most delightful afternoon opening my Secret Sophie gift.  I had a cat on hand to assist if needed. 




The box contained a card and two pretty dice bags with lovely scented candles, which I shall enjoy very much.




Then, the boxes. How to get them open?  I started with the "artifact", as the sender called it, and was most puzzled.  Then I went back and re-read the cards more carefully, and started with the box, as suggested.   It was very cleverly constructed, and I had to inspect it very carefully to discover its secret workings.  At last, it gave up its contents:




Inside I found a very cryptic message, virtually indecipherable, but I had been provided a clue to unlocking the artifact......




For those of you who enjoy puzzles, the message is hidden here:




Inside the chamber was hidden treasure:




They are adorable and I love the frost effects.  Many thanks to Moonglow Minis, I haven't had this much fun in a very long time.  I love the gifts, but the puzzles were especially entertaining. 


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2 minutes ago, Inarah said:

Many thanks to Moonglow Minis, I haven't had this much fun in a very long time.  I love the gifts, but the puzzles were especially entertaining. 

I'm so glad you enjoyed the gift!  It would have been sent out sooner but i puzzled myself trying to puzzle you!

This was my first time participating in any exchange on the forums and I had a great time.  Happy to have provided you with an evening of entertainment, and a handful of goodies for future fun!

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    • By MoonglowMinis
      Better late than never.

      Here's some fun Pumpkin Horrors I painted up for @Inarah for Secret Sophie this past December.  I was still riding on my Halloween spirit when Secret Sophie began, but wanted to do something that fit the winter theme.  Inspired by the snowman-like design of the Pumpkin horrors and my own past mistakes of leaving pumpkins outside to rot all winter, I decided to do a holiday mashup with these guys left out in the cold too long.

      With some time having passed, I wish I would have made them look a bit rotten and frost-bitten, but I also like the more colorful result.

      More Photos Below the Spoiler:
      These were some fun minis and my first time working with metal.  I have now broken the seal and have started looking into other minis that I previously considered off-limits.  I also enjoyed participating in Secret Sophie and joining in to some of the forum shenanigans.  I highly recommend participating in these kinds of things for any who have been reticent.
      What are some of your favorite holiday minis?
    • By 72moonglum
      So some times you just done get things finished with the deadline you have imposed on yourself and this elf was one of those self-imposed deadlines. I wanted to have her done by Christmas, but just got too busy with other miniatures and other things.  I got this figure if I recall last Christmas when I won her with some others on a Reaper Christmas Giveaway on Twitch.  
      Here she is:

      Always thought she was a cute little figure.  The other ones I want but they haven't sold them for a few Christmasses now are the two elves, naughty and nice.  But one of these days I'm sure they will pop up again.
      Anyhoos, enjoy, happy belated Christmas and New Year!
    • By Dan S
      It has been a while since my last post, I'm am just struggling to find the free time to sit down and paint or build at the moment.
      Anyway, this week I got the opportunity to run some run some 'build along' model making workshops with the kids at the Youth Centre where I work, and we have been putting together little X-mas themed display pieces.  It was actually pretty fun being able to share and introduce a new generation to the joys of my nerdy hobby.  I was pretty pleased with how they turned out so I figured I would share. 
      The base is just a piece of log, and the moose is a very cheap plastic toy (I repainted mine), which I managed to find at a local discount store in big buckets of 50 animals for £2, they really cheap and nasty, but actually paint up nicely.  Everything else is just standard modeling stuff, sculptamold, static grasses, clump foliage etc.
      On another note I have not forgotten about or abandoned my Apocalyptic Suburbia Journal, it is still sat on my desk gathering dust.  I plan to get back to it in the new year.

    • By SparrowMarie
      Pretty happy with this. It's the first metal anything that I've successfully painted so also pretty proud about that.
      Extremely happy with her face. Might go back and touch-up a few spots. C&C welcome.

    • By Kangaroorex
      Decided to give the group dice trays this year for the holidays.  
      I wanted to get this done before Saturday and I wanted to take a shot at getting at least a first one done tonight.
      So here is the prototype.  The finished format will be actually glued down as well as nailed down.  I was trying to decide if I like the nail  on the top.  On the prototype it let's me move things around but they will be optional on the final version.

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