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Darksword Dragonkin Mage as Aurak Draconian

Ganryu Kojiro

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Thanks for the kind words.


Regarding the satiny robes, funny story there. I was checking my work with a look at a gray scale picture and the Ultramarine shadow I started with was super glossy. It more or less showed me where the highlights needed to be if I wanted to achieve that look. Given how much is going on with the robe I figured going shiny would sell "expensive fabric" while being miles easier than trying to freehand something.


Regarding the cloak, I actually screwed up the intended pattern. I noticed it early enough that I was at least able to be consistent about it, so rather than being the "wrong" pattern it's just a "different" pattern. It was nerve wracking to do, having based the pattern in black, which I then had to go over in color, and then shade and highlight THAT.

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