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What I really like:


  • Great attention to facial detail and good contrast in the eye sockets.
  • Excellent contrast between skin and flame colour.
  • The subtle skin texture works great and the skin is well blended.
  • The eye is especially well done with the light reflex and nice slit shape.

Areas to improve:


  • The moss you used on the base doesn't strike me as very naturalistic.
  • The scars/markings could stand out more against the skin. Maybe some dark lining would make them pop more.
  • The jewel on his braces doesn't look very convincing. I think you need more dark areas. That said, it works as a precious stone.
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12 hours ago, Peithetairos said:

Areas to improve:


  • The moss you used on the base doesn't strike me as very naturalistic.
  • The scars/markings could stand out more against the skin. Maybe some dark lining would make them pop more.
  • The jewel on his braces doesn't look very convincing. I think you need more dark areas. That said, it works as a precious stone.

The moss wasn't meant to be naturalistic. I painted them funny colors, after all. I was aiming for a stone more than a jewel. But I understand and accept the criticisms. I wanted to line the markings, but I spent a little too much time playing around with the flame colors figuring out what I wanted, that by the time I was done with it, I had run out of time and patience, ha.

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    • By Vacaroja
      Here's my entry for Reaper's Facebook recent quarterly contest. I wanted to play around with OSL more, so I created a dusk/night setting and made a lantern to add into the drayman's hand. Had a lot of fun creating the scenic base. When I thought about doing a corduroy road in a swamp, I got inspired to go to a local resale shop where they sell reclaimed wood and use it as the base.



      Three things I learned from the past two contests.
      1) My tendency towards more natural will not win over the more colorful entries. This isn't to say the ones that won didn't deserve to win. They were great paint jobs and I expected them to win when I first saw them.
      2) I shouldn't rush the job last minute so I can get in more of the details I really want. I put it all together in about a week and because of that I didn't get to put the texture detail I really wanted to on the shell and skin of the tortoise, as well as some more colorful details on the pack items. Though the latter I was wavering on since I didn't want huge amounts of color since it was a night scene.
      3) I'm still happy with what I did. If I wasn't I wouldn't have turned it in!
    • By HolkDiggity
      This was my entry into the Quarterly Bones contest on facebook. I liked painting him, but he was a bit challenging, what with all the little separate details. I'm really looking forward to the next one!

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      Here is the next Facebook contest.  Voting starts now until Friday.
      Good luck everyone.
    • By Dr.Bedlam
      What you see here is a dungeon map drawn by an eight year old.
      It kind of took me back to my early days of dungeon design, although I was older when I drew my first one.

      A guy on the Old School Gamers board on Facebook posted this picture. It is a dungeon map drawn by his eight year old son, who took up an interest in Dungeons and Dragons, and was given the Basic booklets by his proud and happy daddy.

      I approve of this sort of thing. Imagination should be exercised, and there is evidence that RPG obsessions, managed correctly, can seriously impact writing and math skills in a very positive way. There are worse things to slap an eight year old upside the head with.

      But as I looked at the map and tried to make sense of it, I began to wonder about Room 21, which according to the DM's notes, contains "Gonturzaps."

      What the hell's a gonturzap? I realize this may sound kind of wacked out, considering my recent ramblings about owlbears, bulettes, and rust monsters, but I've certainly never heard of Gonturzaps. Based on my knowledge of D&D cartography and the game in general, our young dungeonmaster not only created his own dungeon crawl, but populated it with things out of his own imagination, including gonturzaps, titis, clawings, sortoudi, citapes, tisiops, motstins, and the dreaded Corgostise.

      ...none of which is to be found in any edition of the Monster Manual. Or even Tunnels & Trolls, which was renowned for its dumb monster names.

      "Clawings," I can get a mental grip on. Plainly, these are monsters with claws of some sort. Or wings. Or maybe claws AND wings. I can manage that.
      Titis, I can get even more of a mental grip on. I have seen a titi or two in my time. While still wild and wonderful, I have no huge curiosity about what a titi might look like; pictures are abundant, both of the Greater Titi and its cousin, the Lesser Titi, the Pointing Titi, the Asymmetric Titi, and the common Itti Bitti Titi. Furthermore, miniatures depicting titis are made by many miniatures outfits. The boy's interest makes sense; when I was eight, my experience with titis was pretty minimal, and I might well have put them all over MY dungeon, too, had I known about D&D at that early and tender age.

      Out of a bitter and unsatisfied curiosity about Gonturzaps, though, I finally PM'd the fellow, and asked him to check with his boy and find out what the hell a Gonturzap looked like. I anxiously await his answer.... although part of me is a little scared the guy's just going to say something like "Gonturzap is the evil wizard who built the dungeon."

      Which then makes me wonder if he has the power to control titis.
    • By Bog97th
      Hello all, I just wanted to invite anyone interested over to Facebook and my group "Paint My Bones". We have monthly painting contests and lots of good posts and pics! Currently the contests are for Novice painters but in the future I may run a contest for "PRO" painters. It depends on how many people we get to join. If we hit 500 members I will hold a pro contest.... :) So look us up on FB. Everyone is welcome just keep on topic and no adds please. You can E-mail me at https://www.facebook.com/groups/BonesII/
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