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Nazi Dracula Must Die RPG pulp 5e weird ww2

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This looks pretty fun. Apologies for formatting on my phone and stuff got lost. They pay a living wage

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7 minutes ago, lexomatic said:

This looks pretty fun. Apologies for formatting on my phone and stuff got lost. They pay a living wage


I just backed this a bit ago. M.T. Black is one of my favorite game authors so it was a easy "yes!" for me.


Looking forward to reading this one.



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The world is in greater peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.

—Albert Einstein

Nazi colossi lumber across a grass field, disintegrating resistance fighters with necrotic death rays. Hulking monstrosities race toward Soviet battlelines as they smash and destroy Russian tanks with their inhuman strength. Swarms of demons ravage the French countryside as Axis demoncallers chant ancient and occult rituals to summon vile evils from hell. The world is in desperate need of heroes—who will stand against the rising darkness?

In this world of weird science and strange magic, you’ll take a stand for freedom and justice, banding together with unexpected friends to shine a beacon of light and hope in this dark, tortured time. 


 Inside this 75+ page product, you will find:

  • Eight new player subclasses
  • New equipment, firearm rules, magic items, and spells unique to the Nazi Dracula Must Die! setting
  • New creatures and monstrosities designed to challenge your heroes
  • A gazetteer that describes the Nazi Dracula Must Die! setting, detailing secret societies, intriguing organizations, and adventure hooks for use in your own campaigns
  • A 2-hour adventure for 5th level characters to hunt down and kill Nazi Dracula in Bran Castle, Transylvania
  • A full-page colored map of this alternate reality World War II Europe by cartographer Marco Bernardini
  • A full-page colored map of Bran Castle, Transylvania by cartographer Marco Bernardini
  • VTT-ready digital maps and art
  • Eight digital pre-generated character sheets
  •  Primal Path: Highlander. An unstoppable warrior, believer in the old ways, the best ways.
  •  Otherworldly Patron: Pan. A wilderness-loving occultist, drawing upon the power of an ancient god to manipulate the natural world.
  •  Martial Archetype: Pilot. A master flier, as dangerous on the ground as in the air.
  •  Roguish Archetype: Sniper. A celebrated sharpshooter, dealing out death from a thousand yards.
  •  Ranger Archetype: Special Ops. Trained in secret operations, and the master of unconventional warfare.
  •  Arcane Tradition: School of Merlin. A powerful wizard, taught by Britain's longtime magical protector and occult spymaster.
  •  Sacred Oath: Liberty.  A righteous champion, defender of freedom.
  •  Divine Domain: Covert. Agent of a clandestine order, immersed in weird science and esoteric mysteries.

We have simple reward tiers for this project. 

  • If you want a digital product, choose between the $15 digital and the $20 digital plus reward tiers.
  • If you want a physical book, choose between the $25 physical and the $30 physical plus reward tiers.

*The "digital plus" and "physical plus" tiers include an invite to the Nazi Dracula Must Die!  playtest Discord server and early access to the Nazi Dracula Must Die!  manuscript.

This project will deliver physical rewards as print-on-demand books from DriveThruRPG. This helps us keep costs down and is the most efficient way to get your books to you at the current time. You will be responsible for at-cost printing and shipping once the books are complete (roughly $9.00 for the softcover and $14.00 for the hardcover + shipping to your location).

  • You get to fight Nazis!
  • You get to kill Dracula!
  • The setting is fully DnD 5e-compatible. If you know DnD 5e, you can pick up and play this game in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, you can take the characters from your other DnD 5e games and bring them into the Nazi Dracula Must Die! setting, and vice-versa. 
  • You will be supporting a large, talented, and inclusive team who are receiving fair pay for their work (see below).

Crystal Quill Press is committed to paying fair and livable wages to those working in the RPG industry. As part of that commitment, we are paying each of our designers 20 cents per word on this project and editors 10 cents per word.


We have assembled a truly impressive team to deliver this product:

Anthony Joyce (creative director and lead designer) is a Hispanic ENnie-nominated TTRPG designer and active-duty U.S. Army Major and Strategist. His best-selling fifth-edition titles include Elminster’s Candlekeep Companion, Darkhold: Secrets of the Zhentarim, Weekend at Strahd’s, The Blood Hunter, Baldur’s Gate: The Fall of Elturel, The Heir of Orcus: Verse I-IV, and many more.

Sadie Lowry (lead designer) is a best-selling TTRPG designer and professional editor, with work featured in Darkhold: Secrets of the Zhentarim, The Adventurer’s Domestic Handbook, Supers & Sorcery, and the platinum best-seller Eyes Unclouded.

M.T. Black (lead designer) is an Australian freelance game designer and Dungeon Masters Guild Adept who has worked on numerous best-selling Dungeons & Dragons and fifth-edition titles, including Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus, Mordenkainen's Tome of Marvelous Magic, and Waterdeep: City Encounters.

Justice Arman (lead designer), an Iranian American TTRPG designer, is known for numerous best-selling Dungeon Masters Guild products—such as Devil’s Advocate: A Guide to Infernal Contracts, Baldur’s Gate: The Fall of Elturel, and Elminster’s Candlekeep Companion—and for his work at Beadle & Grimm’s Pandemonium Warehouse, where he makes dope D&D boxed sets.

Amber Litke (designer) is a TTRPG designer whose best-selling adventures include The Fog of Solhaven and The Deathless Skies of Cyre, and whose work has been featured in Darkhold: Secrets of the Zhentarim and platinum best-seller Eyes Unclouded.

Ashley Warren (designer) is an ENnie award–winning creator who serves as the founder and producer of the Uncaged Anthology series and director of the RPG Writer Workshop. She is co-author of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, Heckna, and Legendlore, as well as writer of numerous best-selling titles available on the Dungeon Masters Guild.

Brian Patterson (art director and Illustrator) is the writer and illustrator behind d20Monkey and the Innsmouth Garden Society, a TTRPG cartographer, and game designer with over 10 years of experience in the industry. His portfolio includes projects from Atlas Games, Evil Hat Productions, Restoration Games, and many more.

Daniel Kwan (designer) is an archaeologist turned co-host of the Gold ENnie–winning aznsrepresent podcast, as well as the creator of the Ross Rifles roleplaying game.

Enrica Eren Angiolini (colorist) is a colorist and illustrator whose name you might have seen on some of your favorite nerdy comic franchises: Harley Quinn, Doctor Who, Warhammer 40.000, and many more. When she is not coloring comics, she loves drawing fantasy characters, and she hits people with swords (seriously).

Jeremy Forbing (designer) created best-sellers like the Ravenloft Archetypes series (praised by Critical Role’s Matt Mercer as “Really grand content... Highly recommended!”), the Blackstaff’s series, and the Masque of the Red Death Player’s Guide, as well as player options featured in titles such as Elminster’s Candlekeep Companion and Elminster’s Guide to Magic.

Jessica Price (cultural consultant) is a writer, editor, designer, and producer of video and tabletop games; she is known for her work on official Dungeons & Dragons products, the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and Guild Wars 2.

LaTia Jacquise (designer) is a freelance writer who has written for D&D Beyond and Wizards of the Coast, and is just happy to be here.

Laura Hirsbrunner (editor) is a professional copyeditor, game designer, and graphic designer whose work includes Keith Baker's adamantine best-seller Exploring Eberron, as well as Eberronicon, Archetypes of Eberron, Darkhold: Secrets of the Zhentarim, and much more.

Macro Bernardini (cartographer) world-famous maker of beautiful TTRPG maps for products such as Keith Baker's adamantine best-seller Exploring Eberron, Darkhold: Secrets of the Zhentarim, Elminster's Candlekeep Companion and more!

Noah Grand (designer) is an ENnie-nominated game designer and winner of the D8 Summit’s Iron Author competition, whose work includes the multi-table Acquisitions Incorporated adventure Franchise Fracas and developing characters for best-sellers like Darkhold: Secrets of the Zhentarim and Friends, Foes and Other Fine Folks.

Omega Jones (designer) also known as the Critical Bard, is a professional actor, vocalist, partnered Twitch streamer, & TTRPG content creator. One may have heard him as the jingle artist and vocalist for Critter Hug, a monthly signal boosting show produced by Critical Role. He is the creator and moderator of the #BLACKAFRoundtable & the designer of the College of Acapella and the Path of the Belter as seen on the DMsGuild.

Rich Lescouflair (designer, layout, and graphics) is a Diana Jones–honored RPG designer, writer, and graphic artist. His work is featured in numerous fifth-edition titles as well as the Expanse RPG, and he is the creator of Esper Genesis, the fifth-edition sci-fi RPG.

Steve Fidler (designer) is a best-selling writer, designer, and owner of Vorpal Dice Press. His hits include Mythic Encounters, the Amarune’s Almanac series, and the Prism and Warden classes.

Steven Pankotai (designer) is a best-selling adventure and narrative designer whose works include the Matthew Lillard–approved A Night of Fright!, Supers & Sorcery, and the Player Primer series.

David Lizerbram (attorney) is the Chief Legal Officer of Crystal Quill Press, as well as an attorney in San Diego, California representing creators and entrepreneurs. A graduate of USC School of Cinematic Arts and Loyola Law School, David played his first game of D&D in 1986 and has spoken about intellectual property issues at San Diego Comic-Con for 10+ years.

Matthew Baratz (accountant) is the Chief Financial Officer of Crystal Quill Press, as well as a Certified Public Accountant in Florida who represents corporations and homeowner associations in annual financial reporting and offers advisory services. He pays the bills.


Risks and challenges

Our team is comprised of proven DnD designers with a combined total of over 100 successfully produced products between us. To ensure we manage unexpected issues or delays, we have provided a conservative release date of March 2021. Full writing, design, and art development begin once this project is fully funded to ensure that we provide all of our creators with fair wages. While this is our first Kickstarter, our normal methods of producing PDFs and print-on-demand books remain the same. By providing fulfillment of our physical books through DriveThruRPG, we are mitigating unexpected shipping or distribution issues that might arise from other third-party distributors. Our production process for the PDF and print-on-demand book remains unchanged from our experience in producing over 100 other products between all of the creators on our team. Lastly, we are working with Jessica Price and other cultural consultants to ensure we respectfully address sensitivities regarding World War II while not erasing or minimizing the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime.

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This has been cancelled as unlikely to fund. It's a shame.

Anyway last update has form for mailing list and email specifically requesting pros and cons of the project.

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