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Not quite so buttery blends

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So I'm learning how to blend by using glazes. I'm doing really well, but my highlights seem to run into problems. The problem is, there seems to be flecks of colour that don't blend in nicely to my mixing medium. I'm using GW lahmian medium and their paints. The tutorial I'm following doesn't have these problems. I've diluted the paint to 75 or 80% medium and the flecks don't appear until they are on the mini, totally discounting my beautiful blends. 


Any one have any suggestions? Use Reaper paints. Har har. 

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If you're using GW paints, you're using paint in paint pots not dropper bottles, right? Paint pots have some nice features, but it is possible for paint to dry around the rim and opening and that dried paint to flake up and fall into the main body of the paint. Not saying that is what is happening for sure, just that it's a possibility. If you were using just water you could be having a problem with the pigment falling out of suspension, but you're using medium, so that shouldn't be happening.


Do you have a bottle of paint you haven't used very much or a new one, or something in a dropper bottle? You could use that to test if you still have the same problem and see if there are still flecks. It's not 100% of a test, since issues could be related to specific colours, but it's something to compare. Trying painting your thin glazes over white ceramic or plastic to see if you can see the flecks so you can test without having to paint on a miniature.

Are you using the same paints as in the tutorial? I know they have thicker dry brush paints and a few other kinds of paint that might not thin down well to glaze consistency. That's probably not what's happening, but figured I'd double check.

You can also look at your mixing environment and see if there are any potential problems there. If you are mixing on top of a plastic plate with dried paint on it or something like that, you could be agitating flakes of the dried paint into your mixes when you stir. Or if you have a wet palette and you use the same palette paper for a long time and you live somewhere dusty, you could get debris in your paint that way that looks like flecks. Very occasionally I've heard of people having problems with fibres in paper towels or other things like that. Are you always using the same brush? If so, test with another. I had a brush that seemed to have debris in it once, though sounds like you're getting enough of this that it's not likely the brush. Again, I am not saying any of these things are for sure a problem, but they're things to investigate. One time when I was having issues with my painting it was due to stuff like this, nothing to do with the paint.

So for a quick thorough test you could try using different paints and your same gear, and then the same paints and different gear and see if you still get the same problems in one or the other situation.

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